WWE Defining Moments Chris Jericho AVAILABLE, Young Bucks Funkos!
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WWE Defining Moments Chris Jericho AVAILABLE, Young Bucks Funkos!

By Marchman · Thursday, October 12, 2017 · 0 Comments

Chris Jericho

Mattel has a series dedicated to some of the most legendary moments in a superstar's career, appropriately called Defining Moments. These action figures are typically made in Elite-style, and they include a multitude of accessories as well. In the past, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, and several others have been highlighted in the action figure series. This time, Chris Jericho is joining the Defining Moments series for the first time ever. A fan poll on WWE.com earlier this year allowed fans to vote for the next figure in the series. The poll winner is now here at last: an "Undisputed Champion" edition of Chris Jericho.

This new action figure is a "Flashback" version of Chris Jericho, and it is based off of his iconic win at the Vengence pay-per-view in 2001. In case Jericho hasn't reminded several times by now, this was the show that saw him defeat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night to become the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion. As such, the new figure is made in the ring tights that he wore in the match, and he has long hair with the tips dyed red. He has a smirking, confident headsculpt. Why wouldn't he though? He's carrying the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulders. Chris Jericho's new figure is available today!

You may view or purchase the new Defining Moments Chris Jericho figure here: https://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/chris-jericho-wwe-toy-wrestling-figure-dm-007.html

In other news, independent tag team sensation The Young Bucks have announced some major news. It appears that the team, as well as other members of the Bullet Club, will be receiving their first-ever Pop Vinyl figures from Funko. This is a significant deal for the Bucks since Funko typically only makes figures of WWE Superstars. The Young Bucks would be the first tag team to compete on the independent circuit and receive these figures. The Young Bucks and the Bullet Club already made a deal to sell their merchandise at Hot Topic stores earlier this year, and it has worked out tremendously for them so far. The new figures will be arriving in 2018.

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