WWE Elite Series 53 is AVAILABLE to Order Now! - Bliss, Miz, More
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WWE Elite Series 53 is AVAILABLE to Order Now! - Bliss, Miz, More

By Marchman · Wednesday, September 27, 2017 · 0 Comments


Series 53 of Mattel's most detailed WWE action figures have officially been released. This series ditches the standard "Flashback" figure that the Elite line has used since series 12, however, there is still plenty of star power to go around with this lineup. For example, a new figure based on Chris Jericho's recent run with the company is included here. Jericho has a smiling headsculpt with grey trunks and boots. He also includes a grey scarf, a pen, and, of course, "The List of Jericho." Drink this one in, maaaaaaan!

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That's not all though, Jericho is joined by his former best friend Kevin Owens in this series as well. You can relive happier times between the duo with these new figures. Owens' newest figure is based on his run as Universal Champion last year. He includes a "Kevin Owens Show" t-shirt, as well as the title that he held until he was defeated by Goldberg at Fast Lane earlier this year.

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It's a New Day, and it's a new action figure of Big E coming to the Elite line. In Elite series 52, we received updated versions of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, so it makes sense that Big E has received one as well. Much like Kofi and Xavier's recent figures, Big E is made in orange, blue, and white with unicorn designs plastered throughout his ring attire. He includes a removable unicorn horn that can be placed around his head, and he also comes with the long entrance jacket that he wears when he struts his way down to the ring.

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He's just one maaaaaan! Heath Slater had an incredible run last year when he was doing his "free agent" storyline. He even managed to become the first-ever Smackdown Tag Team Champion holder along with Rhyno. In Elite 50, Rhyno debuted in the Elite line with a Smackdown tag title accessory. Now the team is complete as Heath comes with the other title. His ring attire and tattoos are accurately recreated, and he also comes with a removable "I Got Kids" t-shirt. Hopefully the sales from this action figure will help Slater feed his massive family.

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Quiet on the set! The Miz is finally getting an updated Elite based on his recent successful run as a Hollywood "A-Lister." Miz has a smirking headsculpt, and dark blue trunks and boots. What makes this figure pop is the impeccable dark blue entrance coat that he comes with. Miz also includes a removable bedazzled entrance mask. Now all we need is the rest of The Miztourage.

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The crown jewel of this set is the special debut Elite action figure of the current Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. Bliss arrives in the pink, blue, and black ring attire that she famously wore last year. Her hair is put into pigtails with blue and pink bows, and the tips are dyed. She also includes the entrance belt that she wore with the costume, and she also has her signature hand accessories as well. "The Goddess" has officially debuted in Mattel's biggest line, and it's safe to say that the toy company did an outstanding job as this will surely be a hot seller.

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Elite 53 is available to order now! You may view or order any of these items here: https://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/mattel-toy-wrestling-action-figures-wwe-elite-53.html

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