Highlights From the WWE Mae Young Classic
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Highlights From the WWE Mae Young Classic

By JosephSpencer17 · Wednesday, August 30, 2017 · 0 Comments


The first WWE Mae Young Classic has treated the WWE Universe to some great wrestling action over the past few days.

Here's a few highlights to recap what's happened so far:

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The first WWE Mae Young Classic has treated the WWE Universe to some great wrestling action over the past few days.

Here's a few highlights to recap what's happened so far:

Read more at https://my.allwrestling.com/admin/news.aspx#bTsT4GOpeesUmTAH.99

The first WWE Mae Young women's wrestling tournament has treated the WWE Universe to some fine wrestling action over the first few days.

Here's a recap of what's happened so far (source Bleacher Report):

Kay Lee Ray vs Vanessa Sugehit

This was a clash of different styles as Ray prefers a hardcore style, while Sugehit is more of a traditional luchador working under a mask.

The two shook hands before the bell in a show of sportsmanship, but it quickly turned into a game of one-upmanship. 

They wasted no time establishing a quick pace, which helped get the fans in attendance hyped for the rest of the night. They had a couple of sloppy moments, but they worked well together for the majority of the match.

After Ray missed a Swanton Bomb from the top rope, Sugehit picked up the first win of the tournament with an armbar submission to advance to the next round.

Sarenna Deeb vs Vanessa Borne

It was clear Deeb was the babyface and Borne was the heel before they even connected, and it gave this bout a completely different atmosphere than the first match.

This might not have been as exciting as Ray vs. Sugehit, but they told a more coherent story from bell to bell. Deeb picked up the win with a vicious Spear to advance to the second round.

Zeda vs Shayna Baszler

Baszler is a member of the Four Horsewomen of MMA along with Ronda Rousey, so she had more exposure coming into this event than a lot of the women.

Zeda was her opponent for this first-round matchup. These two competitors couldn't be any different. Zeda is more of a traditional pro wrestler, while Baszler focused more on MMA-based offense.

Their early exchanges were a little slow, but that's not a negative. They were going for takedowns and submissions instead of strikes.

The match was on the short side, but the ending was absolutely fantastic. Baszler countered a guillotine and lifted Zeda up for a suplex before bringing her right down into a rear-naked choke to score the victory.

Jazzy Gabert vs Abby Laith

Abbey Laith is one of the only signed WWE talents to compete in one of these WWE Network tournaments, but she had a big challenge to overcome in the form of Jazzy Gabert.

The crowd was more vocal during this bout than the other three matches from the first episode, especially after the first exchange when Laith was trying unsuccessfully to take down the powerhouse.

Their physicality made this one of the more competitive contests in the first round of the tournament, especially when it came to the strikes Gabert delivered to Laith.

Despite Gabert's size and strength advantage, Laith managed to establish herself as a tough competitor who should not be overlooked.

WWE gave them more time to work with, so they were able to take their time and build toward the conclusion without feeling rushed.

Laith picked up what JR referred to as an upset to advance to the next round in what was a fun and entertaining match.

Xia Li vs Mercedes Martinez

WWE billed this as Xia Li's first match ever, so there was a lot of pressure on her to put on a good performance against Mercedes Martinez. Li was one of the several Chinese talents WWE signed last year, so this was a big test for her.

Like some of the competitors from the first episode, Martinez made herself into the heel right away by refusing to shake Li's hand and mocking her martial arts background by doing a crane kick pose.

Li was likely nervous having her first match televised, but you wouldn't know it from looking at her. She was intense and focused right from the bell.

This match didn't last too long, but that's not always a bad thing. Martinez won by submission in roughly five minutes to give herself some momentum heading into the second round.

Rachel Evers vs. Marti Belle

The second match from episode two featured nine-year veteran Marti Belle going up against the daughter of the legendary Paul Ellering, Rachel Evers.

Evers has made sporadic appearances in NXT over the past year, but this was the first time the spotlight was truly on her instead of just her opponent.

Both women showed a lot of personality, but their early exchanges were a little on the sloppy side. It had more to do with not being familiar with each other than their actual skill level. 

Evers is still new to the game when it comes to being a performer, but she grew up around the business, so she knew how to work the crowd. She won with a cradle to end a mediocre match and advance to the next round.

Rhea Ripley vs Miranda Salinas

Ross put over Rhea Ripley as one of the women in this tournament with the most potential. She is only 20 years old, so her career is just getting started.

She took on Miranda Salinas, who is a graduate of Booker T's Reality of Wrestling school in Texas. Both of these women are what you would call rookies, so they had a lot to prove.

Ripley took full advantage of her opponent's small stature, but she didn't just stick to power moves. She showed a lot of versatility by utilizing several different kicks.

The ending seemed to come out of nowhere when Ripley won with a full nelson slam. However, both women proved they have what it takes to be in this tournament.

Mia Yim vs Sarah Logan

Mia Yim took on Sarah Logan in the final match from the second episode. Yim has made a name for herself in numerous other promotions, but she is no stranger to a WWE ring.

She worked a few matches in NXT in addition to serving as one of Adam Rose's Rosebuds on a few occasions. 

It's hard to imagine two women more different from each other than Yim and Logan. Both pride themselves on toughness, but that is where their similarities end. 

Both women looked excited as they shook hands before the bell. This was easily the best match from this episode. Yim and Logan each showed great versatility by using a variety of submissions and takedowns. 

They put on a great show, and it's a shame only one of them can move onto the next round. After a physical match, Yim won to advance in the tournament.

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