WWE 2K18 Executive Producer Mark Little Discusses Visuals
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WWE 2K18 Executive Producer Mark Little Discusses Visuals

By joeylegend42 · Tuesday, August 22, 2017 · 0 Comments

WWE 2K18 could possibly have the best graphics and special effects we have ever seen for a WWE 2K game or even just a WWE game alone.

The executive producer of the game Mark Little was being interviewed and he gave his input in regards to the game's graphics, “You get some classic shots of Randy Orton in the ring doing his signature poses and you're like that's the best looking Randy Orton I've ever seen."

Little also touched upon the games new special effects as it pertains to entrances, “Some of the stuff we showed with Sanity that really moody dark lighting, you've never seen that before in our game. It’s a new style of lighting and a new effect and I love it. It's just a breath of fresh air."

There also have been some changes to the battle royal that Little touches upon, “We created a new elimination system and we added different types of eliminations. We have quick eliminations now which depending on the superstar's ratings and the set-up he might dump someone out right away which is cool and this is not something we have ever had." Little goes onto say that, “There are multiple ways to eliminate. Tag Team eliminations are there and a lot of it was just going through and cleaning everything up and spending a lot of time tuning it and polishing it."

If you would like to hear more from the interview the link is below. Mark Little touched upon a couple of other things such as frame rate issues as well as allowing up to eight wrestlers in the ring at once. 

WWE 2K18 releases to everyone on October 17th but you can get it three days earlier if you pre-order the deluxe edition. 


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