WWE 2K18 Screenshots Revealed
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WWE 2K18 Screenshots Revealed

By joeylegend42 · Friday, August 4, 2017 · 0 Comments


Finally some WWE 2K18 news about the actual game itself rather than five different editions of the title. 

We have finally received some screenshots for the game. The screenshots feature the cover superstar for WWE 2K18 Seth Rollins. In these screenshots, you see an image from WWE 2K17 and an image from WWE 2K18. The difference between the two images is staggering. This should set the tone for the game and hopefully, this is one of the many good things to come for this year's title. Images are at this link: https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/wwe-news-wwe-2k18-releases-first-images-of-the-game.

In case you didn't know WWE 2K18 will be releasing three versions of the game that you can pick on either Xbox One or PS4. You can purchase the standard edition for the usual new game price of $59.99. The deluxe version can be had for a total of $89.99. The deluxe version gives you the opportunity to play the game four days before its release, WWE 2K18 season pass, MyPlayer Kick Start, and access to even more superstars and moves. The collector's edition that is centered around John Cena will be going for $149.99. If you want it you better pre order it now because they are only making a limited quantity for this edition. The collector's edition includes everything from the deluxe edition and more. 

WWE 2K18 will be available to all on October 17th. 

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