Hardy Boyz Epic Moments Figures Announced! Mattel/Rob Schamberger
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Hardy Boyz Epic Moments Figures Announced! Mattel/Rob Schamberger

By Marchman · Sunday, July 23, 2017 · 2 Comments

Jeff Hardy

It was previously thought that yesterday's showing at Comic Con was going to be the last big reveal from Mattel at the event. We thought wrong, it was announced that a very special set of brothers will be joining the upcoming Epic Moments series. The new series was announced at Comic Con, and it will be coming out in 2018, starting off with a Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho pack that is based off of the Festival of Friendship segment from earlier in the year. As if that wasn't a big enough way to kick off the new series, Mattel has given fans new editions of the two big names that were most noticeably absent from their reveals this past weekend: Matt and Jeff Hardy.

That's right! The Hardy Boyz are joining Mattel in their Epic Moments line, and it will be based off of their return to WWE during Wrestlemania 33. Some could say that Mattel is selling partially BROKEN toys, because Matt is made with his "WONDERFUL" smile and yellow streak in his hair. He and his brother Jeff are accurately recreated from the epic night, and they come with a small and large ladder, as well as a set of the Raw Tag Team Championships that they won in the match. Matt Hardy has not had an Elite figure since series #6, and Jeff had one in series #1 that was pulled after he suddenly joined TNA in 2010. The Hardy Boyz Epic Moments pack is coming out in 2018.

Another bit of news that came out recently is that Mattel will be teaming up with wrestling artist Rob Schamberger to feature his artwork with their action figures. Mattel currently implements a display stand and diorama with each Elite figure that, when put together, creates certain wrestling atmospheres (the ring, backstage, the stage, etc.) In 2018, the company is replacing those backdrops with a piece of Schamberger's artwork that will be complete when the entire series is purchased. Rob's artwork has been featured on WWE's YouTube channel before and his artwork will make a nice added bonus to the Elite lineups in 2018.


BREAKING NEWS: @Mattel? reveals partnership with famed artist @RobSchamberger at @Comic_Con!!! #SDCC pic.twitter.com/22JSoomTi0
— WWE (@WWE) July 22, 2017

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