WWE 2K18 On Nintendo Switch Will Be Current Gen Port
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WWE 2K18 On Nintendo Switch Will Be Current Gen Port

By joeylegend42 · Monday, July 10, 2017 · 0 Comments


WWE 2K18 will indeed be available to play on the Nintendo Switch this fall. At first many were skeptical of this because when past WWE games were ported over to a Nintendo system such as the Wii those games were last gen ports. However, WWE 2K18 will be a current gen port according to reports and this is great news for WWE 2K fans who have a Nintendo Switch.

In years past WWE games were ported over to Nintendo consoles like the Wii but they had the same engine and graphics as PlayStation 2 while competing with the likes of the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now, this won't be the case. 

Nintendo Switch owners who are also WWE 2K players will most likely be treated to the same experience as Xbox One owners and PS4 owners. Playing WWE 2K18 on the go sounds like a fantastic idea. With the Nintendo Switch portable capabilities that will now become possible.

All of the new features that WWE 2K18 is receiving will be available on all consoles including the new online Road to Glory mode which involves your My Career superstar. Create-A-Superstar, Create-A-Video, and Create-An-Arena have all received upgrades and yes you can experience those upgrades in the Nintendo Switch version.

Nintendo systems such as the Wii didn't receive current gen treatment when it came to WWE games. It appears now that this won't be the case for the Nintendo Switch. If you have the Switch this will for sure be the worth the purchase. If you have all three consoles you might be intrigued to pick up the Nintendo Switch version because of just simply playing the game on the go. To me, that is a huge win for Nintendo and the whole portable gaming idea is looking a whole lot better. 


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