WWE 2K18: Jinder Mahal Cover Athlete Possibility
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WWE 2K18: Jinder Mahal Cover Athlete Possibility

By joeylegend42 · Tuesday, May 30, 2017 · 0 Comments


Jinder Mahal has had a crazy run with the WWE over the past couple of months. From becoming a pretender to WWE Champion Mahal has certainly turned some heads. Jinder Mahal being on the cover of WWE 2K18 is as likely as Spike Dudley returning and winning the WWE title. However, this should be fun to talk about. Here are the three reasons why Jinder Mahal could grace the cover for WWE 2K18.

Firstly, the WWE all of a sudden has this fascination to really target the audience out in India. They want to increase revenue out in India and by doing that you have to sell merchandise. Having Mahal job all of the time on the card would certainly make that a hard feat to accomplish. I don't see anyone buying a t-shirt of a guy who has no steam behind him whatsoever. However, now you give him the WWE title and everything becomes that more intriguing. People over India will want to buy his t-shirt thus increasing the revenue over there. Mahal being on the cover would make business boom over India.

Finally let’s continue this with Mahal being the most hated heel in the WWE. The WWE fans have gotten way too smart for their own good. The fans today love the heels. Look at Kevin Owens. He’s one of the most beloved wrestlers when it comes to the smart marks. So, the WWE had to counteract somewhere. They had to flip it and somehow find a way to bring back that old fashion heel heat. With Mahal, they certainly did that. All of the smarks feel Mahal isn’t worthy of the spot he’s in. Rightfully so. However, Mahal isn’t generating heat from just the casual fan but from the diehard fans as well. Mahal is the truest heel we have seen since the days of Vicki Guerrero.

Jinder Mahal being on the cover of WWE 2K18 is sure a longshot. However, Mahal gets such a reaction from the audience and we all know how much Vince loves his in-shape performers. So, for Mahal being on the cover of the game I for sure wouldn’t put it past the WWE.


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