WWE 2K18 Release Date News/Prediction
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WWE 2K18 Release Date News/Prediction

By joeylegend42 · Saturday, May 27, 2017 · 0 Comments

 Take-Two Interactive has been extremely quiet this year when it comes to news surrounding WWE 2K18. However now we at least know something about the title. Take-Two Interactive has announced that WWE 2K18 will release during fall of this year. 

WWE 2K Games have been releasing every single year during fall time. So, this bit of news isn’t a shocker. Last year WWE 2K17 was released on October 11. Hopefully, WWE 2K18 will release sometime around then. As for now, we can only speculate as to when the game releases. For fun let's take a stab at it and see what we come up with. WWE 2K14 which was the first ever WWE game under Take Twos umbrella released on October 29, 2013, WWE 2K15 released on October 28, 2014, and WWE 2K16 released on October 27, 2015. So, judging off of that pattern and that even though WWE 2K17 completely broke it by releasing on October 11 last year we can make an educated guess that WWE 2K18 will release on October 10 of this year. 

There are still many questions that surround WWE 2K18. Let’s start with the cover superstar. We still don’t know who the cover superstar is going to be for the game. It would not be shocking if for the first time in history we saw a female superstar such as Charlotte Flair grace the cover of WWE 2K18. 

As for news about who’s on the cover it wasn’t until late June of last year when we heard who the cover superstar was for WWE 2K17. We just have to be patient and wait to see what actually unfolds. In the meantime, at least we know when WWE 2K18 will be releasing (kind of).

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