Worst Wrestling Games Of All Time Part 2
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Worst Wrestling Games Of All Time Part 2

By joeylegend42 · Tuesday, May 23, 2017 · 0 Comments

WCW Backstage Assault was the first wrestling game we touched upon when talking about one of the worst wrestling games of all time. Today we are continuing that conversation with WWF War Zone. 

WWF War Zone did not have a very large roster. The game had a total of 18 playable characters. This is actually the first wrestling game that Steve Austin and Kane were a part of. The game only had a few match types; Versus, Tag Team, Cage, Hardcore, Tornado, and Battle Royal. The mode that really lacked was career mode.

In career mode, you would control any available character in the game. You would essentially wrestle against the whole roster. After a certain number of matches, you would be able to go for the Intercontinental title and your final match would be against the WWF Champion. This is where it gets kind of lackluster. 

When I was a kid I played the heck out of career mode. I absolutely loved it. However, as I grew older and looked back on the times I played career mode I was fooled. After you win the WWF title the mode never ends. Countless exhibition matches over and over and over again. As a kid I thought, "Hey maybe if I play one more something cool will happen," Did that cool thing happen?? No, it didn’t. The game decides to not tell you the mode is over and it puts you in countless matches. As I grew older I thought to myself, "Wow what a poorly designed mode." 

Not only was career mode poorly designed but performing someone's finisher was as well. The game didn’t even tell the user what the wrestlers finishing move was under the move set list. You would have to hit a ridiculous combination of buttons in order to execute this move.

Looking back at it WWF War Zone was an awful game and it is on my list for one of the worst wrestling games of all time. 

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