A Look Back: Stephanie McMahon Nip Slip From RAW 2002
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A Look Back: Stephanie McMahon Nip Slip From RAW 2002

By TheMark · Thursday, November 17, 2016 · 0 Comments

Stephanie McMahon

If you haven't been following Monday Night Raw, you've really been missing out. No more "nice faces" like the Hulkster.

Even the Undertaker might have been a little embarrassed by this fleeting incident when Stephanie McMahon and HHH (Triple H to you), decided to have a romantic moment in the ring and renew their wedding vows.

That's always a nice gesture and one that can usually refresh any marriage. And when you're married to one of the world's most popular wrestlers with a bigger body than Arnold used to have in the good old days, you've not only got a lot of competition to face but being the daughter of one of the country's most famed and equally popular showmen, Mr. McMahan, Wow!

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Even a macho guy like Triple H can face problems as well. Who wouldn't want to snatch this beautiful gal with all the prestige that comes along with her not to mention a personality that can change from nice to very nice to not so nice all in the blink of an eye.

And when you got the moves like that Stephanie McMahon got, you better watch out! By now, we bet even Mr. McMahon doesn’t yell at his little girl anymore.

But the incident that really set things off at the renewed wedding ceremony came from the tape sent from Linda by FedEx (secretly ordered by Stephanie). It showed a “doctor” on the phone calling to announce Stephanie’s brand new baby. This at a time when she had come to believe that HHH, recovering from his injuries, might be planning to leave her and her “baby” all alone.

So here they were, all sweet and romantic, before thousands of cheering spectators, not only in the Garden but in homes all across America and many other countries, when the showdown came.

Just as Stephanie, all sweet and happy raised her tear-streaked face for a genuine romantic HHH kiss, the big guy let her have it. Boy did he tell Stephanie exactly what he thought and he didn’t pull any punches when he did it!

He not only made some strong comments but threw his shocked father-in-law to the mat to boot.

We think Stephanie wanted to play a trick on HHH, not so much to fool him but to give him pause to think about their relationship and what a baby might do to bring them closer together.

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