Mock Drafting Raw and SmackDown

Hello AW Universe, This Friday, on the second episode of SmackDown on FOX, WWE will be holding another Draft, splitting the entire company in two (though not really, since Raw is longer and gets more wrestlers). So, in honour of this occasion, two of the Powers That Be here at All Wrestling will be mocking drafting…


Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 10/4/2019

Not only is it the 20th anniversary of SmackDown, but it just happens to be the first episode WWE airs a show live on FOX. Safe to say this is one of the biggest nights in WWE history. Appropriately Vince and Stephanie McMahon start off the show to welcome the WWE Universe to Fox and…


Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live 09/24/2019

The last SmackDown Live on Tuesday night showcases the continued confrontation between Daniel Bryan/Erick Rowan and Shane McMahon/Kevin Owens. This weeks show starts off with a recap of Erick Rowan talking over a recap of his attempted murder attempts on Roman Reigns. Then his brutal attack of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns with help from…


WEEKLY GOODS (Sept. 23-27)

This is a weekly thoughts piece. Every Friday, I look back on the week that was in the world of (mostly WWE) wrestling. Feuds, Firings, and Fiends. That’s what defined this past week on WWE television. Here are this week’s GOODS. Becky’s back to that spot where she’s getting good pops, and the real-life beef with Sasha…


Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live 9/17/19

The events of Clash of Champions are revisited and reacted to tonight on SmackDown Live. Also King Corbin is crowned…if you’re into that. SmackDown Live starts with a 6-man tag match…that’s so SmackDown. Match #1: 6-man Tag Team Match The New Day v The Revival & Randy Orton Right before this match started they talk…


WEEKLY GOODS (Sept 9-13)

Hello AW Universe, This is a weekly thoughts recap on the week that was in (mostly WWE) wrestling. But, with Clash of Champions this Sunday, predications have to be made. So let’s get right into it. Cruiserweight Championship Drew Gulak Vs. Humberto Carrillo Vs. Lince Dorado Once again, this has to be a Sunday Night Heat match. If feels…


Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live 9/10/2019

Madison Square Gardens hosts SmackDown Live tonight with special guest The Undertaker! Just like last night on RAW, we’re not waiting for our special guest to arrive. As the camera pans across the crowd the all too familiar bell tolls as the lights go out, that hair raising music plays, and smoke fills the arena….


WEEKLY GOODS (Sept. 2-6)

Hello AW Universe, Here are my takes on the (mostly WWE) wrestling world from the week that was. BAYLEY! YES, finally! The full-on heel turn happened a lot sooner than I would’ve thought– I was fine with just adding just a little more edge to her style– but I’m here for it. But, it still…


Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live Sept. 3, 2019

Nick note: I usually PVR and watch so I can skip commercials. Today my PVR decided not to record so I came into this a half hour late. I tried to catch up using social media which isn’t what you come here for. Sorry folks. Social Media Catch-up: Bayley and Sasha Banks attacked Charlotte Flair…


WEEKLY GOODS (Aug. 26-30)

Hello AW Universe, Every Friday, I look back on the week that was in the world of (mostly WWE) wrestling. Here are the GOODS from the week that was. Oh Sasha. Your heel turn has been a wonderful change of pace. But… Oh my, that promo to open Monday Night Raw was painful to sit through. It’s…