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Sean Waltman

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Sean Waltman
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Real NameSean Waltman
AliasesLightning Kid, The Cannonball Kid, The Kamikaze Kid, The Kid, 1-2-3 Kid, Syxx, X-Pac, Pac, Syxx-Pac
BirthdayJuly 13, 1972
Height6 1
Home TownMinneapolis, Minnesota
Finishing MoveThe X-factor
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TitlesWon Hair vs. Hair match against Jeff Jarrett, GLCW Heavyweight Championship, GWF Light Heavyweight Championship (2), MEWF Light Heavyweight Championship, NWA Heritage Championship, PWA Iron Horse Television Championship, PWA Light Heavyweight Championship (2), PWA Tag Team Championship, SEWA Light Heavyweight Championship, TNA X Division Championship, Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament, WCW Cruiserweight Championship (2), WCW World Tag Team Championship, WWF European Championship (2), WWF Light Heavyweight Championship (2), WWF Tag Team Championship (4), XPW Television Championship
OrganizationsWWE, WCW, TNA, XPW, WSX, PWA, GWF, NWA, AAA, GLCW, MEWF, NWA Pro Wrestling, SEWA

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