Stomping Grounds lacking boots on the ground?

It has been widely reported now, but the WWE has a massive problem with their attendance figures for a PPV Stomping Grounds. A cursory search for tickets to the pay-per-view in Tacoma, Washington can show you that.


O.J. Simpson was almost a WWE Storyline

Following the news this week that OJ Simpson has joined twitter and has some revenge to seek for the people that have wronged him in the past, I thought it might be interesting to look back at the time that the WWE pursued him for a storyline following his acquittal in the 1995 murder trial…


Theory: Look out Kofi, here comes the money?

You enjoying Kofi Kingston’s reign as the first African-born WWE champ and as one of the harder working guys out there? Good, the WWE wants you to. You hating seeing Shane McMahon trotted out there, to be one of the few that have beaten a post-Cancer defeating Roma Reigns? Good, the WWE wants you to….


RAW is Previewed – June 10th, 2019

The fallout show from Super Showdown (a Wrestlemania equivalent show because we said so) will be a night of fun and plenty of build up to another Pay-Per-View, this one not shoehorned into the schedule with Stomping Ground in two weeks. Have a read of some of the already rumored and confirmed show.


From the desk of the Commish – Brand Split Anyone?

So the wild card rule was used to allow RAW superstar Alexa Bliss to come over for “one night only” and interview the SmackDown champion Bayley. Innocent enough right? They were obviously going to use her in more of a role than just the interview and so she got inserted into a triple threat match…


Smackdown is Previewed – June 4th, 2019

Tonight is the go-home show for everyone on Smackdown for the Super ShowDown in Jeddah this coming Friday. Unless you were born sans that Y chromosome because… well yea. Will that mean big things or a lot of teasers to come?


Smackdown is Previewed – May 28th, 2019

Last night’s Raw was the first salvo in the battle that is for your viewership going forward. How do you think it went? Excited? Think the WWE did well with the stage setting? Tonight’s Smackdown is going to continue to build to the big show in Jeddah. I would hazard a guess that Kofi and…


The 24/7 belt NOT the WWE’s idea?

The WWE introduced the new 24/7 belt in recent weeks and the reviews of the actual belt have been hilarious and fun to read. The title itself has had mixed reviews and it turns out that the belt wasn’t actually a WWE creative idea at all.