Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 3/13/2020

SmackDown takes place from an empty WWE Performance Center thanks to COVID-19.

HHH personally welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center to start the show. Sit back, relax, and if you can forget the world around you let WWE entertain you.

Michael Cole talks over the open of the show and explains that tonight’s show is in an empty “arena” with a very small crew. HHH is joining him on commentary to begin the show…this should be interesting.

Bayley interrupts HHH talking to us on the commentary desk. Her and Sasha Banks cut a promo about being back at the Performance Center and wondering where Paige is tonight.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross come out and challenge Bayley and Sasha to a match. Ring the bell!

Tag Team Match:

SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley & Sasha Banks


Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Asuka distracts Alexa Bliss and Nikki cross by dancing on the ramp.

HHH leaves the commentary desk to Michael Cole. Cole calls him Trips as he leaves.

Recap of Universal Champion Goldberg being challenged by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania

In Ring Interview with Roman Reigns
Cole and Roman talk about his last year of his life. They also address “critics” who say Roman shouldn’t be in a main event (not Brock v Drew?) of WrestleMania. Roman also calls Goldberg dumb based on the university he went to. Calls Goldberg a part timer (burn) and says he’s going to whip his ass.

Backstage: The new InterContinental Champion Sami Zayn assumes he’s going to be interviewed…but he’s being bumped tonight….for the returning Jeff Hardy.

King Corbin interrupts Jeff and makes light of his DUI’s. Jeff informs him of their match later.

Elias shows up for some reason.

HHH is back on commentary again. He blames the Internet for needing him out there after one segment of just Michael Cole.

Recap of the incredible Daniel Bryan v Drew Gulak match from Elimination Chamber

Backstage: Daniel Bryan finds Drew Gulak and praises him for the match they had. Daniel asks if Gulak is still willing to teach him some stuff.

IC Champ Sami Zayn bursts in and runs down Daniel Bryan for not joining their team. Eventually Cesaro and Daniel Bryan challenge each other to a match.

HHH makes the match official at the desk with a hilarious reason. Only because of how good Shinsuke Nakamura’s promo was (he didn’t say/do anything….you had to be there…).

Replay of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match from Elimination Chamber is shown in full. Find the fantastic recap of that show right here on allwrestling.com
HHH: This was a long match thankfully because Michael Cole just got back from the elimination chamber here at the performance center.

HHH has been the star of this show with his DX style on commentary. Really lightened the mood.

As the match ends, the camera pans from the big screen and into the ring where SmackDown Tag Team Champions Miz & Morrison are ready to cut a promo. They poll the audience with various questions about how amazing they are. They also get some cheap heat on the nonexistent crowd to their own delight. Great stuff here.

Daniel Bryan w/Drew Gulak enter the empty arena for the next match. They cut to commercial.

As they come back from break HHH is on camera filming Cole. Then they throw to a hype video for Ron Gronkowski joining WWE. Then they bring in Ron’s “best friend” Mojo Rawley to announce (poorly) that Gronk is going to be on SmackDown next week.

Meanwhile Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak have been standing in the ring waiting for the match during a commercial and all that hype….they they show a recap of Sami Zayn winning the InterContinental title.

Singles Match:

Daniel Bryan w/Drew Gulak


Cesaro w/InterContinental Champion Sami Zayn & Shinsuke Nakamura

IC Champion Sami Zayn joins HHH and Cole on commentary which of course was solid gold.

Nakamura attacks Daniel Bryan after the match, and Dew Gulak comes to his aid, but was overwhelmed by Cesaro/Zayn/Nakamura. Daniel Bryan rescues him.

Singles Match:

Jeff Hardy


King Corbin

Elias joined the commentary team for this match. Jeff Hardy has a full light show for his entrance which was very odd looking in an empty space.

HHH thanks the audience for enjoying the show tonight with out the most important part of the show….us.

John Cena
Cena is here and ready to speak some truths.

Do yourself a favor and look this up. Sit back and enjoy what Cena does best.

A recap is shown of The Fiend showing up 2 weeks ago to challenge Cena to a match.

Why on earth does WWE and its fans give Bray Wyatt so many chances? He then lists a bunch of NXT guys who deserve it more than Wyatt. He took the match so he could take Wyatt out for good.

They Bray comes out as Fun House Bray Wyatt to reply. Says Cena is just here for the spotlight…he craves it.

Typing this out doesn’t do it even a fraction of respect. Please go out and watch this segment. It’s definitely worth your time.

The show ends with the zoomed in face of The Fiend and his laughter echoing.

All in all that was a very entertaining show. Honestly, I didn’t miss the crowd at all after the first segment. WWE can really make lemonaid out of lemons when they have to and that showed tonight.