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“Title and Defence”- NWA Powerrr Ep. 20 Results and Review

Hello AW Universe,

It was a segment-heavy episode of Powerrr, as the NWA moves closer to their next PPV in April, Crockett Cup 2020.

Here is a recap and reactions to Ep. 20 of Powerrr, “Title & Defence.”

Fast-Count Results

Zicky Dice d. Ricky Starks for the NWA World Television Championship

Caleb Konley & CW Anderson d. The Dawsons in a Last Chance Tornado Tag match

Eli Drake & James Storm (w/Eddie Kingston) d. The Bouncers (w/Pope) to retain the NWA Worlds Tag Team Championship


To open the episode, in what was a bit of a swerve, Zicky Dice pinned Ricky Starks to win the Television Champion. The match began with the standard fare of Dice acting out his “Outlandish” gimmick, competing in pushups and pose-downs with Starks, before both mounted an equal amount of offence. Dice tried to pull an old Eddie Guerrero trick by trying to get Starks disqualified by throwing him his fanny pack, but actually picked up the win after reversing Starks’ finisher, The Stroke, and dropping down into a pin.

It was an interesting finish, but after hearing the heat Dice was getting as the match opened, it also made for good babyface heat for Starks as he likely looks to regain the title.

Thom Latimer then interrupted Dave Marquez as he attempted to interview Dice, who then calls over Joe Galli to inform everyone that Kamille will finally be speaking next week.

There was then a really well produced “press conference” involving Marty Scurll and Nick Aldis as their Worlds title match at Crockett Cup 2020 gets closer. The segment did a good job of detailing their history together and building heat for the upcoming rematch.

Aron “Shooter” Stevens is at his promo-work best as he and Question Mark call out The Rock n’ Roll Express to challenge them to a match– and try to convince them to do the J.O.B.– highlighting some instant chemistry between Stevens and Ricky Morton. There was also a segment highlighting the history of Mongrovia on Wikipedia, giving an in-depth breakdown of the flag.

In other in-ring action, CW Anderson and Caleb Konley beat The Dawsons in a Last Chance match, which was essentially a “Loser Leaves NWA” match. The contest was a hard-hitting tornado tag match, with an impressive tandem finish of a Spinebuster from Anderson and a springboard Moonsault from Konley to pin The Dawsons, as the crowd chanted, “GOOD-BYE DAWSONS.” The Dawsons clearly have a tonne of heat, so I’d be surprised if they stayed gone for long.

The May Valentine/Sal Rinauro/Royce Isaacs triangle took a violent turn as the BFFs, Valentine and Rinauro, were interviewed by Joe Galli where we were informed that while his arm has been broken, Rinauro– who the crowd is hot for– he’s been helping Valentine with her vlog and new lingerie line. With encouragement from Galli, Valentine and Rinauro were in the middle of shooting a live episode of her vlog with the crowd, which prompted Isaacs– while sporting a wicked floral shirt– to intervene and threatened to break Rinauro’s other arm. It’s interesting that there’s so much commitment to the longterm booking of this feud while Rinauro’s arm heals, but it’s building tremendous heat on both sides so hopefully it pays when the two finally lock-up.

The main event was actually a pretty tremendous Tag Team title match as the power monster heels, The Bouncers, looked strong even in a loss against the super-over Drake and Storm. The heels did a good job of cutting the ring in half, isolated Storm and building the hot tag for Drake. The other storyline interlacing with the title match is the building tension between Kingston and Pope, as the two circled each other throughout the match but have yet to touch yet, which is the right move at this point.

Powerrr is at its best when it lends equal time to its stars on the mic and in the ring, and this was an episode that displayed that pretty expertly.