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WWE Super ShowDown Preview and Predictions

WWE hosts their fifth event in their new ten-year partnership with Saudi Arabia this Thursday.

Here is a full preview and predictions for the event live from the Mohammed Abdu Arena on the Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Bayley vs. Naomi

SmackDown Women’s Championship

Another women’s match competed in Saudi Arabia is not something that should be ignored, as it’s another huge crowing achievement for the progression of global equality. As far as the match itself goes, Bayley has been floundering a bit as a heel champion, but this matchup with Naomi feels fresh and Bayley’s character has been better now that she’s away from Lacey Evans. Though most of the matches on this card could feel like throw-aways or placeholders, but this feel like only the beginning of a longer program.

Winner: Bayley

Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. The Street Profits

Raw Tag Team Championship

A little impromptu, but this cards seem to be rife with these sorts of things. That being said, this could be a way to get the tag titles off of Rollins and Murphy and have The A.O.P. start fighting for them. The Street Profits have had a bit of a stilted start to their RAW push, but they seem to be gaining heat and hot-shotting the titles onto them feels like the sort of swerve finish that these shows need more of so they don’t just feel like a glorified house show.

Winners: Street Profits

Rusev vs. Andrade vs. Bobby Lashley vs.  AJ Styles vs. Erick Rowan vs. R-Truth

Gauntlet Match for the Tuwaiq Trophy 

It’s pretty hard to make sense of what this match means and what the stakes even are. There are some decent workers here, though, with some comedy angles involving R-Truth– and maybe even Erick Rowan– to break up the action could make this match a hidden delight. Strictly based on the reason that The Good Brothers won the Tag Team World Cup at Crown Jewel last October I’ll say that Styles wins, giving The OC all the Saudi trophies.

Winner: Styles

Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin- Steel Cage Match

No, this feud is in fact not over yet. Yeah, yeah, Corbin’s annoying and that means he’s getting the heat he wants, but I’m just so over him. Reigns needs a win heading to WrestleMania and hopefully colours Corbin on his way there.

Winner: Reigns

The New Day vs. The Miz & John Morrison

SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Great rivalry with two of the best heels in the company with some of the most over just straight-up babyfaces doesn’t deserve to end. There was so much moaning over WWE seemingly botching Morrison’s return by taking the steam out of it with just a backstage appearance, and there was even more trepidation re-treading a heel tag team gimmick from nearly a decade ago. But The Miz and John Morrison are wrestling heel soulmates, and they can get so much heat just from being arrogant pricks. The only thing that can make this better? The heels holding the belts and the babyfaces chasing them.

Winners: Miz & Morrison

“The Fiend” vs. Goldberg

Universal Championship

Yet another impromptu match for Goldberg in Saudi Arabia, but an interesting feud to follow up the Fiend/Daniel Bryan program. “The Fiend” has built his character on a pseudo-Randy Orton Legend Killer template, so adding Goldberg to his wall of pictures is only a way to build more heat for him heading into whatever his WrestleMania program. But is the indestructible Goldberg really willing to come back only to job to “The Fiend”? That would be ideal, but we’ve been swerved with an unexpected Universal Championship win for Goldberg, so nothing should be shocking. That being said, I’m hoping for that the heat continues to build for one of the best characters in pro wrestling today.

Winner: “The Fiend”

Brock Lesnar vs. Ricochet

WWE Championship

Great rub for Ricochet, but Lesnar and Drew McIntyre are destined to meet for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36. Lesnar works well with smaller, quicker wrestlers and this should be a great match, and Ricochet could look great even by eating a pin. Could this be a way to start an angle that sees Ricochet booked into the WWE title match at WM36? Possibly, but unlikely. Lesnar picks up the win and really gets the program rolling with McIntyre heading towards Tampa Bay.

Winner: Lesnar

WWE Super ShowDown is live Thursday 27 February at 12pm EST on the WWE Network!