IMPACT: Results and Review (25 February)

It’s the fallout episode from Sacrifice.

Here is a recap and reactions to the 25 February episode of IMPACT from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas.

Fast-Count Results

Daga d. Rob Van Dam

Rohit Raju d. Wentz

Jordynne Grace d. Miranda Alize to retain the Knockouts Championship

Eddie Edwards d. Michael Elgin in Match Four in Best of Five Series

World Champion Tessa Blanchard d. X-Division Champion Ace Austin (via disqualification)


We get a recap video of Sacrifice, featuring Ace Austin vs. Tessa Blanchard. 

Daga vs. Rob Van Dam

Daga initiates the action with some flashy dives and dropkicks but RVD slams him on the Sam’s Town floor. RVD comes back in, balancing Daga on the ropes, and hits a flying side kick for his girl, Katie. Meanwhile, Katie appears to be busy on her phone, getting triggered by her haters on social media. RVD begins acknowledging this, allowing Daga to capture momentum. Katie gets fired up, and leaves the ring area, leaving RVD confused. Daga hits some combos, making RVD head to the showers also, giving Daga the count-out win. 


While the match was nothing special, the angle served a purpose and was pretty enjoyable. RVD’s ring work may not be what it used to be, but this appears to be the most he’s been invested in his character in a long time.


Katie and RVD continue their argument backstage. RVD drops a great quote with “they’re horrible people, but they paid a ticket.”. Joey Ryan arrives and shares the same frustrations, offering help any time they need it. 

Madison Rayne finds Jordynne Grace, claiming that she has found a challenge for her tonight.

Wentz vs. Rohit Raju

Wentz works his trademark flashy knees to kick things off. Raju gains control, showcasing a nice leg sweep. They go back and forth until Shera interferes, allowing Raju to hit a flying knee and flatliner for a good near fall. Wentz comes back with a Swanton attempt but whiffs. Raju hits a double stomp from the top rope, to secure a rare singles victory. 


This was a solid match that went just a little too long. The interference was lame, but that was expected when you have four guys at ringside. Some really good exchanges in this match.


An ICU message featuring a QR Code, interrupts the Desi Hit Squad’s celebration. I always like those eerie moments in wrestling, leaving the crowd confused in silence. Just me? Okay. I’m excited to see how this plays out.

oVe is seeking a new leader, with Sami Callihan never coming back. I’m also interested in how this will play out, with a potential Lethal Lockdown match happening next month.

Jordynne Grace vs. Miranda Alize

Knockouts Championship

The two trade some strikes before Alize hits some flashy moves, including a head scissors takedown. They continue, trading high impact moves, including a nice Vader Bomb for a Grace near fall. Alize hits a nice cutter, but Grace pops up and hits her Grace Driver to win.


I liked Alize’s performance, but I’m not entirely invested in this angle with Rayne. Hopefully they will capture me, with a lot of time remaining before the next PPV, Rebellion.


Ethan Page and Josh Alexander are ready for TJP and Fallah Bahh next week. 

Chis Bey hype video.

Rosemary appears behind Havok, taking credit for giving her a match against Su Yung, and getting rid of James Mitchell.

Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin

Match Four of Best of Five Series

This match was taped at Pro Wrestling Revolver, which I don’t mind as a rarity. In 2017, they would have more matches outside of their tapings than the ones they performed, which created this weird disconnect with the product. Anyway, this match should be another banger. They start off hot, like always, with Elgin nailing some big elbows. They trade nasty chops until Elgin slams him a couple of times. Edwards hits a big Superplex and Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. They continue trading strikes, with Elgin nailing a vicious lariat. Elgin looks to finish him, but Edwards catches him in a pin-fall and wins, evening their Best of Five Series at two matches apiece. 


This match was good mainly because these guys are incapable of putting on anything less than that. It went a bit long and the crowd was dead. This would’ve been better if it was taped in Sam’s Town, but it’s understandable that they didn’t want to run that match three times in the same building. Running a match at Sacrifice would’ve been smart, but I’m sure something prevented that from happening.


Petey Williams and Scott D’Amore are excited for the TNA event on WrestleMania Weekend. Moose appears, degrading TNA fan favorites like Amazing Red, Suicide, and Chris Harris, allowing Petey to burn him, acknowledging that they technically have more accomplishments, given that Moose has only won the Grand Championship. If you can count that as a title.

Swinger attempts to meet with Mack, but instead gets Disco Inferno, who agrees to reunite. The New York Connection is back, baby.

The return of Gut Check aired, with some pretty dramatic content. Clayton Gainz got ripped apart by trainer, John E. Bravo, for not getting up correctly. I couldn’t identify what Gainz was doing wrong exactly, since nobody went into any details on this. Also, Shogun gave someone a big bruise under their eye on the first day. Not a good first impression, Shogun. More Gut Check content is available on IMPACT Plus, which is a good way to provide original content for the service, which they desperately need.

Ace Austin vs. Tessa Blanchard

Ace gains the momentum early, using his obvious power advantage. He keeps things on the ground with strikes and submissions. They start trading strikes, followed by a suicide dive from Tessa. Ace attempts to go back to what was working but Tessa’s fire can’t be stopped. She looks for a Buzzsaw DDT as Ace looks for The Fold, both coming up empty. Tessa finds the DDT, only for Taya Valkyrie to appear, causing a disqualification. 


This was a more condensed and inferior match to their Sacrifice affair. Obviously, this was much more of an angle, but I can’t say the angle was that effective. I can’t buy in to Taya as a legitimate challenger, but I suppose it makes sense to include her into Tessa’s reign. They will likely have the first Knockout vs. Knockout match for the World Title, which is likely the main motivation behind the move.



I enjoyed this week’s episode a fair amount, but the main event certainly could’ve been better. Edwards vs. Elgin also suffered, mainly due to the setting. My favorite segments were the RVD angle, as well as the ICU segment which didn’t take up much time. While this episode didn’t contain too much that grabbed me, my belief is that things will heat up soon, with new talent, and intriguing angles in the works.