Take It To The Table ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL- We Book WrestleMania 36 Match Card

Hello AW Universe,
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Hey guys, it’s yo boy and Chaos and we are still celebrating the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our podcast and this time, we talk about the upcoming WrestleMania (ARRRGG!!…you know…coz…its at the Tampa Buccaneers Stadium and…its Pirate Themed……*cough*) ANYWAY…with so many possibilities of matches in the air and the latest word that its going through MAJOR changes, we figured we’ll take a guess on what the match card would be and also fantasy booking too.
Also…if you watched our last episode when we talked about the Rumble, we did the Mukbang challenge as well…and we continue that trend here as well!! Soooo sit back..laugh with us….and Let’s Take It….To The Table!!
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