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IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice Recap and Results

Here is a full recap and reactions to the event from the Davis Arena in Louisville, KT

Fast-Count Results

The North d. The Rascalz to retain the IMPACT Tag Team Championship

Kiera Hogan d. Ray Lyn 

Willie Mack d. Jay Bradley

Acey Romero & Larry D d. Madman Fulton & Dave Crist

Daga d. Jake Crist

Joey Ryan d. Johnny Swinger

Jorydnne Grace d. Havok to retain the Knockouts Championship

Moose d. Rhino

World Champion Tessa Blanchard d. X-Division Champion Ace Austin 


THE Rascalz vs. The North

IMPACT Tag Team Championship

Trey and Josh start things out, meeting in the middle only for Josh to overpower The Rascal. Josh does the same to Wentz moments later when he becomes the legal man. The two gain some success using double team offense but are neutralized by the power of The North. Page now in, works on Trey, alongside his partner with some sick maneuvers that The North are known for. Wentz comes in with a flurry of strikes and a cutter for a two count. The Rascalz begin rolling but The North once again finds a way to keep them from winning. Josh destroys Trey on the apron and eats a destroyer from Wentz for a two count. The Rascalz begin a hot streak one more time, but Rohit Raju appears, costing the duo and allowing The North to retain their tag team titles.


This was a borderline great match, and would’ve been better with a solid, clean finish. The North is undoubtedly one of the best teams in the world and we see their best efforts in their work against The Rascalz. Check this one out. 


Ace Austin is backstage, honoring Scott Steiner with his own “Sackerfice” math promo.

Ray Lyn vs. Kiera Hogan

Lyn takes Hogan down to the ground where she attempts to work some submissions, but Hogan gets up and they trade blows. The two trade maneuvers while also taunting each other, frustrating their individual opponent. Hogan uses frequent chops and high impact strikes to reach a near fall on Lyn. The two reach a double down, followed by a flashy meteora from Lyn. Kiera fires back with a spinning kick for a two count, before getting caught in a fisherman’s suplex. Hogan gets up and nails a superkick, and neck breaker for the victory.


This was a solid match that went a bit too long. Ray Lyn is pretty solid and has a good look, with major company potential. 


Jay Bradley vs. Willie Mack

Bradley cheap shots Mack, but he attempts to fight him off. Bradley uses some power moves before whiffing on the Vader bomb. Mack nails some flashy kicks and a dive to switch the momentum. Mack continues his high-octane style before Bradley grounds him and begins choking him out. Bradley’s brute force is countered by Mack’s momentum, featuring his patented Samoan Drop and standing moonsault combo. Mack nails a stunner and a frog splash to win the match.


This was about what I expected, and an easy watch. Solid sprint.


Madman Fulton & Dave Crist vs. Acey Romero & Larry D

Fulton and Larry D trade some shots to start off. Dave comes in and gets stopped by Larry D. Romero and Larry D begin working together, displaying chemistry in their debut as a unit. Being the more experienced team, Fulton and Dave begin slowing things down with some work of their own. Romero begins his comeback, and tags to Larry D who takes out Fulton with a big crossbody. Romero teases a dive on Fulton but is nailed prior. Eventually he connects for a big pop. Larry D knocks Fulton out, and does the same to Dave, followed by an Acey Romero pounce for a big win.


This was better than I expected with a really good finishing stretch. I would love to see Larry D and Acey Romero as a regular tag team, but they have to show up at television tapings for that to occur


Jake Crist vs. Daga

Daga comes out to save Larry D and Acey Romero, also starting his match with Jake Crist in the process. They have a hot start with Jake gaining the advantage early on with a superkick. Jake begins working the arm and using some rough attacks on Daga. He continues by slamming Daga’s shoulder onto the hardest part of the ring. Daga fires back, impressing D’Lo Brown at commentary with a Sky High for a two count. Jake nails a nice sunset bomb from the top for a near fall. Daga destroys Jake with a German for another near fall. Daga hits a rana, followed by a tiger driver for a win. 


This match was given an opportunity and delivered. These two have great chemistry together and I really enjoy their matches together. Daga continues to shine in the ring.


Joey Ryan vs. Johnny Swinger

Johnny Swinger is out offering his tapes to Joey Ryan, in exchange for a victory. Ryan teases acceptance of his offer, only to attempt to lure Swinger in to touch it. Swinger hits an atomic drop, delivering damage to his own knee. Swinger begins his heat, reminiscent of some old school wrestling work. Ryan hits a big spinebuster, with the crowd rallying behind him. The ref becomes distracted, allowing Swinger to hit him with the VHS tape for a near fall. Ryan dick flips him, but Swinger shockingly kicks out. He follows up with Sweet Tooth Music for the 1-2-3.


This was worked like a match from WWF Prime Time Wrestling and was enjoyable for some reason. Swinger is undeniably putting in the best work of his career, and its 2020. 


Havok vs. Jorydnne Grace

Knockouts Championship

Havok starts off hot, grounding Grace and going after the damaged shoulder. Grace fires back with a Vader bomb followed by an unsuccessful pinfall attempt. Havok nails a chokeslam, but gets caught in a sleeper, eventually passing out, giving Grace the win.


This was a solid match, and better than expected. 


Rhino vs. Moose

They start off hot, with Rhino schooling Moose. Moose gets frustrated and low blows Rhino for a DQ finish. The match is now no disqualifications. Moose grabs a chair, accidentally nailing himself in the process. Moose goes after Chris Harris, but Rhino makes him pay with a chair shot. Rhino gets payback with a low blow of his own. Rhino staples Moose’s groin. Moose now grabs a hammer, but Rhino counters with a spinebuster. Moose smacks his foot with the hammer and batters Rhino with chairs. Rhino connects with a superplex onto a pile of chairs. Rhino sets up a table in the corner, only to be speared through it by Moose for the finish.


This was a step below their Hard to Kill match and leaning more towards the formulaic weapons match.  I really hope this feud is over. 


World Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. X-Division Champion Ace Austin

Ace attempts to kiss Tessa but is expectedly denied, before beating her down. He delivers a lot of stiff strikes and submissions, grounding Tessa. Tessa fires back with a kick but is sent outside. He follows up with a kick and slam on the apron. Ace hits his playing card paper cut spot. Tessa comes back with a big codebreaker in the corner. Tessa follows up with a cutter and suicide dive, shifting the momentum. Tessa continues her work, before Ace counters magnum with a flashy kick. He attempts The Fold but ends up eating a Code Red. Ace counters Magnum one more time before getting caught in a DDT into the corner for a Tessa Blanchard victory. 


This was a really good, entertaining main event, with a strong finishing stretch.



This was a shockingly good show. I wasn’t expecting an entertaining show based on the announced card, but a lot of the matches delivered, with some exceeding my lower expectations. The crowd was extremely dead unfortunately, but it was mic’d well, and commentary sounded good as well. There are quite a few matches worth seeing here especially if you enjoy the IMPACT product on a regular basis.