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IMPACT Recap and Review (18 February)

IMPACT Wrestling was live from Terminal 5 in Las Vegas, featuring a work-heavy episode heading into a PPV.

Here is a recap and reactions to the go-home episode of IMPACT before Sacrifice this weekend.

Fast-Count Results

TJP (w/Fallah Bahh) d. Josh Alexander (w/Ethan Page)

Willie Mack d. Johnny Swinger

Madison Rayne d. Mazzerati in Madison Rayne’s Golden Opportunity Open Challenge

Eddie Edwards d. Michael Elgin in Match Three of Best-of-Five Series

Rhino d. Dave Crist (w/Jake Crist)

Ace Austin & Reno Scum d. Trey, Tommy Dreamer, and Tessa Blanchard


TJP (w/Fallah Bahh) vs. Josh Alexander (w/Ethan Page)

The crowd chants for TJP as they lock up and exchange strikes and submissions. Don Callis talks about how great Terminal 5 is, even though it’s one of the most hated wrestling venues. Alexander lands a big boot to the face of TJP, shifting the momentum in his favor. Alexander displays his strength with a huge backbreaker. Josh’s mic sounds really muffled for some reason. Alexander follows up with a huge chop in the corner. They go back and forth with TJP landing some spin kicks, a Superplex, and an octopus stretch. Alexander reaches the ropes while in TJP’s knee bar, and counters the Detonation Kick, but gets rolled up for a victory. .


This was a really good match, given time and high effort. I like the team of TJP and Fallah Bahh so seeing them pick up momentum against the champions is nice.


Johnny Swinger and Willie Mack are backstage. They have a match coming up.

Willie Mack vs. Johnny Swinger

Swinger offers a handshake, only to turn on Mack. Mack saw this coming and gives him some atomic drops. They trade strikes for a bit, featuring a beautiful dropkick from The Mack. Swinger licks the mat, as he drives Willie down. Vegas rallies behind Mack as he lands a Samoan drop and moonsault, followed by a frog splash for the “W”.


This match happened. There isn’t too much to say but I am interested in where this feud will lead.


Recap of Jordynne Grace’s Knockouts Title win.

Madison Rayne comes out, mocking the new champ and opens the floor for a new Knockout to emerge. Maserati answers.

Madison Rayne vs.  Mazzerati- Madison Rayne’s Golden Opportunity Open Challenge

The two trade pinfall attempts followed by Madison’s antics. Rayne shows off a nice Northern Lights suplex and ripcord cutter for near falls. Maserati attempts her comeback but Rayne catches her in a Cross-Rayne to shut down her opportunity.


This was not good at all but I dig the idea behind it. Maybe this will establish someone new. The division needs some meat.


John E. Bravo airs a personal video dedicated to Taya Valkyrie’s greatness. Taya vows to get the belt back.

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes mock social media and Daga, who he will fight next week in a Hard to Kill rematch.

Eddie Edwards d. Michael Elgin

Match Three of Best-of-Five Series

They start off hot with suplexes and dives. They are going back and forth with some brutal strikes. Not that this is uncharacteristic. They continue trading strikes with Elgin nailing the harder ones, knocking Edwards down. That has been the story of this series. Elgin starts going off, attempting to Elgin Bomb him on the ramp but gets flipped over instead. Edwards also nails a Boston Knee Party, but Elgin kicks out following a double stomp. Elgin starts delivering shots again but Edwards hits another Boston Knee Party. Both men land ensiguris and get back up. Elgin lands a powerbombed from the top but Edwards gets the pinfall for his first win in the series.


This was a great match, much better than their previous affair. The strikes were stiff, the energy was high, and the pace was good. I do enjoy the story they’ve been telling despite overrunning the match.


Rhino d. Dave Crist (w/Jake Crist)

Moose is on commentary for this match. Dave starts choking Rhino, and Jake assists his brother. Dave goes to the top but misses a senton. Rhino starts landing some chops and clotheslines, followed by his trademark belly to belly. Rhino gets rid of Jake and lands a Gore on Dave for the 1-2-3.


There is nothing to say about this. This feud is boring and I am ready for it to end at Sacrifice.

Gaby Loren is backstage but the ICU hacking interrupts her.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Reno Scum vs. World Champion Tessa Blanchard, Trey, and Tommy Dreamer

The two smallest guys, Trey and Adam Thornstowe kick things off. Trey gets things going and tags in Tessa who does much of the same. Dreamer comes in and continues the momentum. Luster The Legend neutralizes Dreamer and allows Ace Austin to continue the work. The trio works on Dreamer until Luster misses a big headbutt. Trey and Ace come in and now Trey ends up in a similar position. Tessa gets the hot tag taking out everybody. Things get crazy as Trey gets the tag. Ace Austin lands a low blow, and The Fold for a big win ahead of Sacrifice. 


This wasn’t my favorite match but I’m sure someone like Teddy Long could appreciate it. It went a bit too long, which is Tommy Dreamer’s specialty in 2020. I love IMPACT. Anyway there was some really good action at times and Ace Austin continues to look like a star. 



This was a good episode of IMPACT, especially from an in-ring standpoint, although the main event could’ve been better considering the amount of time devoted to it. It’s nice to be in front of these packed crowds in Las Vegas, following some Mexico shows with less atmosphere than a middle school tennis match. If you like in-ring wrestling, watch this episode. If you don’t, then don’t.