Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 2/14/2020

Otis has a date with Mandy Rose, and it’s the most anticipated Valentine’s Day event of all time!

My wife (yes my wife, no we don’t live in my parents basement) asked if I was ready for a good time tonight so I turned on SmackDown because that’s what the theme song asks me every week.

The show starts with a live looks at Otis and Mandy getting ready for their big date tonight. The anticipation builds.

A Moment of Bliss

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross host the first Moment of Bliss of 2020.

Nikki and Alexa talk about their celebrity crushes. Michael Cole makes fun of Nikki’s accent.

They finally introduce Carmella (Corey Graves gets to talk about how good at Valentine’s Day).

Carmella talks about how she’s going to best Bayley tonight.

Alexa shows a picture of Carmella and Bayley when they were friends. She asks why they aren’t friends anymore. Her answer? Sasha Banks.

That brings out Bayley…

Bayley trashes Carmella. Then she trashes Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

Carmella has had enough and she challenges Bayley for the title RIGHT NOW.

Match #1: SmackDown Woman’s Championship Singles Match
Carmella v Bayley (c)

Heel Bayley is the best because she trash talks the whole match.

This has been and absolutely amazing match to start the show! More of this on SmackDown please!

Match End: Bayley cheats to win the match and retain the SmackDown Woman’s Championship

After the match Bayley attacks Carmella until Naomi heads to the ring. Carmella and Naomi take out Bayley.

Recap:King Corbin takes out his dog food frustrations by assaulting a member of the production truck last week. His actions result in him being suspended from SmackDown this week.

Recap:They recap what just happened in the Bayley v Carmella match.

Backstage: Bayley is pissed off backstage. She’s going to defend the SmackDown Woman’s Championship at Super Showdown.

Recap: They have an emotional preview of the Lacey Evans special on the WWE Network.

Backstage: Otis is getting ready for his huge date tonight when he gets a text from Mandy. She’s running late. Otis is nervous. He hopes Mandy likes him. Tucker encourages him. Go Otis!

Match #2: 2-on-1 Handicapped Match
Sheamus v Chad Gable & Apollo Crews

The build of Chad Gable getting 1 win over Sheamus after losing for weeks against him is…a win…I guess.

Gable and Crews jump Sheamus before the bell because they need as much help as they can get against him somehow.

Of course Sheamus holds his own against both of them…a lone boo from the crowd tells a story of its own.

Match End: Sheamus pins Apollo Crews

Backstage: Carmella demands a rematch with Bayley.

A Restaurant: Mandy Rose arrives at the table for her date with Otis.

Hype Video for Goldberg is shown

Continuing the WCW moment of this show..
Hulk Hogan Interview: Hogan is asked about being a soon to be 2 time WWE Hall of Fame member. He replies with all of the nWo buzzwords and sayings.

Hulk is then asked about how Goldberg is going to do against Bray Wyatt. While he’s answering with his hands Hulk is interpreted by…

A message paid for by the fFh. Bray mocks Hogan and the nWo by playing his Universal Championship like a guitar, ripping his shirt off, and flexing. Then he’s all jokes.

Hogan tell him that Goldberg is no joke. Bray Threatens Hogan and Hogan walks away from the interview.

Great segment.

They show a clip of The Rock telling Michael Cole to shut up on Valentine’s Day in 2011. They then show that Rock’ s daughter was signed to a developmental contract.

Ladies and Gentlemen….Sami Zayn and Cesaro!

This is a protest contest with a ukulele and cowbell.

Just as they are about to start the show Elias interrupts them. He gets some cheap pops for saying Elias Petersson and Vancouver. Then he says he’s staging a counter protest concert.

Sami Zayn let’s him in the ring to sing with them. Instead, the crowd sings “OHHH walk with Elias” Sami shuts that down right quick.

The crowd chants “we want cowbell” and Cesaro goes super heel by building up to play…then throwing the cowbell away.

The crowd has completely hijacked this segment and it made it the best. Sami gets a crack in at the Sedins.

Cesaro attacks Elias and Braun Strowman heads to the ring to get his hands on Sami Zayn. Strowman and Elias almost kill a security guard to end the segment.

Backstage: Naomi challenges Bayley to a title match.

Mandy Rose is show waiting for Otis to show up for their date. Corey loses his mind wondering why Otis is making her wait.

Valentine’s Day Date

Before the date begins they show how this romance has blossomed over the last few months. The best recap of all time. This has been my favorite part of SmackDown lately.

Otis shows up to the restaurant with roses and a sleeveless suit jacket.

Dolph Ziggler shows up…no…

Otis walks in and sees Dolph sitting at the table with Mandy. He stops in his tracks.

He drops the roses he brought.

His heart breaks as he turns around and leaves.

Poor Otis.

Damn you Dolph Ziggler!
Not so happy Valentine’s Day everyone

Main Event: Tag Team Match
The Miz & John Morrison v Roman Reigns & Mystery Partner

This show had only 3 matches…

The Miz makes a point to say that The Usos couldn’t be there tonight, but he’s been here the whole time.
(The Usos can’t enter Canada now with their criminal records. Actions have consequences kids)

Roman comes to the ring and we wait to see who his partner is tonight.

It’s…Daniel Bryan!

Baron Corbin has a ticket to the show tonight and he decided to cosplay as King Corbin! Weirdo.

I cringe every time they call what John Morrison does in the ring “parkour”.

Match End: Roman Reigns pins Miz to win the match

Corbin attacks Roman after the match as the show ends.