Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 2/7/2020

WWE Hall of Fame member Goldberg appears tonight to yell “YOU’RE NEXT!” to someone on the SmackDown roster.

The show starts with a video package for Goldberg that has a crowd chanting Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg! Take note of how it sounds for when they pipe it in over the crowd later tonight.

Show opens

Our first segment of the night is MIZ TV.


Miz stops his entrance to let John Morrison to have his slowmo entrance instead. Good call. They head to the ring.

Wait, this isn’t Miz TV anymore. It’s…

The Dirt Sheet

The celebrate the return of The Dirt Sheet they show a trailer for a movie they made.


Okay…this is great. Really great!

Morrison brings it right back to being heels after getting cheered. Good job.

That brings out The New Day!!

No pancakes tonight, Kofi and Big E have popcorn.

Kofi is wearing his tag title on upside down. Woops.

Miz stops the laughs and tells everyone that they best everyone to earn their shot at the titles.

That brings out The Usos. “You didn’t best us”

That brings out Ziggler and Roode

Miz and Morrison jump The New Day in the ring and they cut to commercial. End of Segment

Match #1: Tag Team Match
The Usos v Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

This match starts as they get back from commercial.

These two teams work so well against each other. It’s a pleasure to watch.

Best part of this match was that Dolph Ziggler didn’t get to use his awful super kick.

Match End: The Usos win after pinning Robert Roode

Up next they’re going to show everyone how embarrassing watching WWE can be as they recap the dog food match from last week.

During the recap King Corbin marches into the production trailer. He assaults the guy who played the recap tape.

Ladies and Gentlemen….Elias.

Elias is playing guitar and playing to the crowd before his fight with Cesaro.

Elias begins to play his song “Third Time’s a Charm” but is quickly cut off by Cesaro and Sami Zayn.

Sami has a microphone and the crowd boos the hell out of him. Sami says Elias is going to pay for interrupting him last week by facing Cesaro. Hype.

Match #2: Singles Match
Elias v Cesaro w/Sami Zayn

Overall Sami Zayn is one of the best parts of watching SmackDown each week. This week is no different.

Meanwhile, Cesaro and Elias are having a heck of a match. Loving that both are getting some time here this week.

Match End: Elias pins Cesaro after his “Macho Man Flying Elbow Drop”

Before heading to commercial they show Goldberg getting ready in his garage. He’s sitting on his bowflex between two cars. Boss.

Before they throw to Goldberg, King Corbin comes out and starts yelling at everyone about listening to him. Of course he gets some cheap heat by saying something about the Super Bowl. Then he calls out Roman Reigns…again…because this isn’t getting old at all.

Corbin pours water all over a “fan” and that brings out Roman. He beats on Corbin until Corbin runs away. Roman grabs a mic and calls him a coward, then accepts his challenge. They’ll fight in a steel cage! Nice!

Goldberg Announcement

Simple question from Michael Cole. Who’s next?

Goldberg isn’t wasting time here…says he got the itch by watching Royal Rumble.

He wants another shot at winning the Universal Championship.

He’s interrupted by The Firefly Fun House. Bray accepts his challenge in a breaking news style segment.

Goldberg isn’t having any of this and he yells at Bray YOU’RE NEXT!

Bray ends the segment by waving goodbye to Bill. End Segment

Backstage:Daniel Bryan was watching the show and he’s upset. Heath Slater offers up some “advice” and goes way too far trying to comfort Daniel. Daniel challenges him to a match right now. Then walks to the ring.

Match #3: Singles Match
Daniel Bryan v Heath Slater

Now that two members of 3MB have won major matches, it’s time for Heath Slater to get some traction.

Daniel Bryan straight up assaults Slater in this one. It’s brutal.

Match End: The ref saves Heath’s life and stops the match awarding the win to Daniel Bryan

Recap of Braun Strowman winning the Intercontinental Championship last week. His first singles championship in WWE.

In Ring Interview

Rene Young interviews Braun Strowman tonight.

Rene: “How does it feel to hold this championship in your hands?”

Braun: “I still get chills thinking about it.”

He goes over his accomplishments in WWE up until now, but he’s most proud of winning a singles title.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits and Sami Zayn demands a rematch for Nakamura…but not here tonight. They want their rematch at…

The Revivial attack Strowman from behind, then Nakamura joins the beat down, but Strowman wakes up and lays them all out before chasing Sami Around the ring.

Nakamura flattens Strowman with a Kinshasa! This isn’t going anywhere and I’m all for it!
Segment End

Backstage:Otis is getting ready for his big date with Mandy Rose on Valentine’s Day!


Otis is so ready for this date! Get it Otis!

Match #4: Singles Match
Apollo Crews v Sheamus

This one ends as I typed the versus part of the above.

March End: Sheamus wins

Chad Gable runs down after the match and gets his face kicked off as well. That should kill this feud, but it won’t.

Main Event: Fatal Four Way Match Winner Faces Bayley for the SmackDown Woman’s Championship
Carmella v Naomi v Alexa Bliss v Dana Brooke

SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley is at ringside for this match.

Everyone is in the ring ready for the match during the commercial break and Super Showdown preview. Then Naomi gets her full entrance….because she’s going to win the match obviously.

The match starts to get going and they cut to commercial already. They spent more time hyping Super Showdown then they did on this main event so far.

They come back from break and the match looks like it’s in slow motion.

I don’t want to be overly critical here, but this match was BAD.

The crowd didn’t help anything here with their silence. It’s so quiet you can hear the ref calling spots and time. Yikes.

Carmella breaks up a pin attempt by Naomi and super kicks her a few times. She goes for the pin on Naomi and gets it! Nice swerve with the full entrance on this one.

Match End: Carmella wins and will face Bayley for the SmackDown Woman’s Championship

Bayley jumps Carmella right after the bell rings and then heads up the ramp to end the show…thankfully.