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“Shoot vs. Work”- NWA Powerrr Episode 17 Recap and Review

Hello AW Universe,

A championship rematch from Hard Times, some passionate promo work, and some… interesting segments were all on hand for the latest episode of NWA Powerrr.

Here is a recap and reactions to episode 17, “Pride vs. Thunder.”

Fast-Count Results

Matt Cross d. Caleb Konley

Trevor Murdoch vs. Aron “Shooter” Stevens for the NWA National Championship ends in a time limit draw

NWA Tag Team Champions James Storm & Eli Drake d. Jocephus & Mims in a non-title match

Thunder Rosa d. Allysin Kay to retain the NWA Worlds Women’s Championship


Tim Storm Opening Segment

The episode opens with honestly, a pretty weird ringside promo involving Tim Storm. The old vet goes off on his classic white meat babyface promo about wanting to earn another shot at the Worlds Heavyweight Championship and knowing what he needs to do in order to do that: win more matches. He gets his opportunity to do that, starting next week by taking on Them Latimer of “Strictly Business.” Latimer and Kamille then come out to confront him, before they’re interrupted by “Mama Storm” … well, actually some random dude mocking his mother. Is this psychological warfare on the part of “Strictly Business”? Unclear, since Latimer and Kamille leave as this dude insults Storm’s age, ability, and lack of championship belts, while he also referring to Kamille as a “harlot,” before Storm also leaves. No idea what the point off all this was.

Matt Cross vs. Caleb Konley

The match between Matt Cross and Caleb Konley was fantastic, and one that is honestly pretty rare in the NWA. It was fast-paced with high spots, as Cross eventually uses a slingshot cutter and high Shooting Star Press to pick up the win. This match also included TV Champion Ricky Starks on guest commentary. For the smooth-talking champion, he didn’t speak a whole lot, which was probably the right move as to keep his character chill and not doing what can often happen when charismatic wrestlers get placed on guest commentary, and that’s annoy the audience.

Though Ricky Starks could do no harm in my eyes.

The Pope and Eddie Kingston Segment

Kingston cuts an incredible promo, full of anger and passion after being called out by The Pope for he and Homicide for not taking advantage of the tag team opportunity he got them, unlike his new tag team of choice, The Dawsons. Pope’s insults are targeted more poignantly towards Homicide as he’s holding Kingston back. Kingston perfectly blends shoot with work, defending Homicide’s character because of everything that he’s done for Kingston to help him in his life. Kingston then brings out his back up, Ring of Honor’s, The Bouncers, and it looks like a match is going to be set up, but The Pope and Dawsons leave.

Kingston constantly delivers promos like this, and unlike say, a Cody in AEW, they don’t feel contrived or derivative, they honestly feel like they’re coming

May Valentine’s Diary

Haha. Oh boy, this was rough. I know Powerrr likes inserting these campy stingers throughout the show, but unlike Austin Idol or who are clearly leaning into the campy, it’s hard to tell if Valentine is just a horrible actor. This was also just way too long, portraying Valentine as a rambling airhead, just to summarize the last two weeks of Royce Isaacs’ career, and potentially building a love triangle angle with Sal Mauralo? It was bizarre.

Aron “Shooter” Stevens (w/ Question Mark) vs. Trevor Murdoch

Joe Galli puts Valentine’s vlog over during the intros to this match, as it’s “a look into people’s personal lives,” but my guess is that Galli just wants to bang Valentine.

This is a very well-told match, with Murdoch predictably getting the early power offense in, before Stevens builds heat by constantly throwing Murdoch onto the floor and asking for the match time, clearly trying to avoid contact and winning by time limit draw. Stevens just get some offense in, with lariats and rest holds, but eventually manages to get to the time limit draw, but a pissed off Murdoch hits his top rope bulldog anyway and counts his own three-count. This is a rivalry that looks to be building heat for Murdoch to get that huge pop once he finally wins the National title.

James Storm & Eli Drake vs. Jocephus & Mims

This is essentially a squash match for the tag team champions, with Mims eventually eating the pin after some pretty impressive tandem offense shown by the tag champs, hitting an Irish Whip into a Scoop Powerslam, and eventually wining with  Drake tossing Mims in a fireman’s carry into a Backstabber by Storm for the win.

Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay

Match starts out with some good mat-based grappling, before the pace eventually picks up again. This match doesn’t get nearly the time it did at Hard Times, but it’s worth remembering that these Powerrr tapings took place the day after the PPV. That being said, these two wrestlers hit hard with some shoot-looking body punches from Rosa on Kay in the corner, followed up by some stiff chops to the chest by Kay, before Rosa takes her down with a swift armbar. They get into some more brawling before Rosa wins with some power offense after reversing the AK-47 into a Stunner, then following up with a Thunder Spike, a DVD– all near-falls– before finally finishing with a Flapjack onto the top rope and a Schoolgirl rollup with an arm bridge-out.

This rematch booked as more of a build-up for the eventual turn by Melina on Rosa, as she quietly sits at commentary and we’re informed that she’ll take on the winner of the match for the championship. The show closes out with Rosa heading to the back, with Melina and Marti Belle closely in toe with the GPB Studios crowd chanting, “you don’t need them!”

This should be a good rivalry.