Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 1/31/2020

Tonight’s SmackDown really is for the dogs.

So for some reason the SmackDown logo has SUPER painted on top of it to start the show. Yes it’s a tie in to the Super Bowl this Sunday. Yes that’s one Foxy SUPER tie in!

Opening Segment:Roman Reigns starts the show off tonight.

They show a photo recap of the falls count anywhere match at Royal Rumble. Then The Usos music hits and they come out to the ring to join Roman Reigns.

Roman gets on the mic and says they’re going to finish off King Corbin and his bitches and then focus on WrestleMania.

That brings out Corbin/Roode/Ziggler. Corbin calls Roman a cheater who couldn’t beat him without The Usos.

The Usos answer back by running down how many times they’ve speared and kicked the three of them…often.

Corbin makes a crack at The Usos suspension for DWI then shows a clip of him rubbing dog food on a handcuffed Reigns.

Since Corbin is so obsessed with dog food Roman adds a stipulation to their 6-man Tag match tonight. Loser eats dog food.

That’s right….tonight is focused on a match that involves dog food…in 2020…dog food…in the main event. Dog food…being left on the stage all night…freaking dog food…
Segment End

Match #1: Fatal Four Way Tag Team Number 1 Contenders Match
Heavy Machinery v Miz & Morrison v The Revival v Lucha House Party

This match is very hard to call. If only more than one of these teams have recently had a run in with New Day….

hits the ffd button

Otis with the caterpillar!!

Everyone is getting their spots in now 1 after another. The ref has no idea what’s happening and also doesn’t seem to care.

Miz hits the skull crushing finale as Morrison tags himself in.

Match End: Morrison hits Starship Pain and pins the Revival to win a shot at The New Day for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles

Backstage:Heavy Machinery are soothing their wounds and Mandy & Sonya Deville walk up. Mandy thanks Otis for helping her at the Rumble.


She says she’s busy next Friday, but she’s free the Friday after next…



Stop the show, we have peaked this week. No need to watch anymore right?

But what about Braun v Nakamura you say? Okay okay you’re right. Let’s keep watching.

Recap:Daniel Bryan getting whipped by The Fiend at Royal Rumble is shown. Then footage of the injuries the strap made, and a determined Daniel Bryan talks about how much he loves pro wrestling. Damn right Bryan!

Match #2: Tag Team Match
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross v Fire & Desire

Not sure how Mandy can focus on wrestling after Otis asked her out.

Mandy and Sonya are extra aggressive at the start of this match. They jump Bliss and Cross before the bell.

Fire & Desire playing up the tag team moves this match.

Bliss takes most of the moves in this one, then starts to build momentum.

Match End: Alexa Bliss pins Mandy Rose to win the match

They start to hype the Braun Strowman v Shinsuke Nakamura match tonight with a recap of their feud.

Before the match they show a guy stiring the buckets of dog food…frig sakes…

Match #3: Intercontinental Championship Match
Braun Strowman v Shinsuke Nakamura (c) w/Sami Zayn & Cesaro

I’ll never tire of Sami hardcore dancing to Nakamura’s theme music.

Can the King of Strong Style overcome the King of Braun Style? (holy smokes I feel like Michael Cole owes me money for that one)

Sami Zayn gets involved 3 times behind the refs back.

Nakamura has control for the start of this one, but then the power catches up with him.

Sami Zayn takes the turn buckle pad off, but it backfires and Braun slams Nakamura’s face off the exposed steel.

Match End: Braun Strowman wins his firsts singles title in WWE!! He is the new Intercontinental Champion!!

That’s huge for Braun Strowman! After all this time he FINALLY gets a title! Good for him.

Backstage:Sami Zayn is absolutely unhinged yelling about how Nakamura was robbed. He takes his frustration on the new backstage interviewer. Then Elias interrupts him from the ring by strumming his guitar. Sami isn’t having it at all.

Sami Zayn is the best talker in WWE right now. By far.

Elias keep strumming his guitar and it just fires Sami up. He sends Cesaro to the ring to “take care of this situation”

Elias starts a song, but Cesaro’s music hits and he walks down to the ring and into a beating by Elias. Cesaro looks like he hurts his leg here.

This was a great segment. Felt different with the back and forth between in ring and backstage. Well done

Recapof the rivalry between Chad Gable and Sheamus before their match tonight.

Match #4: Singles Match
Chad Gable v Sheamus

Gable jumps Sheamus during his entrance. Then they cut to commercial.

When they come back from break this match is underway. Do they show a replay of how the match started? Nope, they show what we saw before the break.

Chad Gable is such a grest wrestler, but he keeps getting the crappy side of gimmicks in WWE. Probably counting the days off his contract.

Gable had 99% of this match, but then….

Match End: Sheamus hits the Brouge Kick and pins Chad Gable for the win

More dog food closeups. You can almost hear Vince McMahon yelling in the ear of Michael Cole “TONIGHT SOMEBODY’S GONNA EAT DOG FOOD!”

In Ring Segment: SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley is in the ring talking about how good she is. Gloating about how she best Lacey Evans.

The crowd keeps says “what!?” and Bayley keeps playing along with them. Calls the crowd annoying sheep (true) which gets a great boo.

Bayley calls out Charlotte to challenge her at WrestleMania…but it’s not Charlotte’s music that plays.

NAOMI! She has a Deadmau5 helmet now! Awesome!

Naomi calls a now worried looking Bayley out for not beating her. She’s here to challenge Bayley for the title.

Bayley attacks Naomi mid sentence, but Naomi ends up with the upper hand at the end.
Segment Ends

Main Event: Loser Eats Dog Food 6-man Tag Team Match
Roman Reigns & The Usos v King Corbin/Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler

Buckle up, this is going to be awful.

All I’ve heard from Michael Cole during this one is DOG FOOD! LOSER EATS DOG FOOD! IT’S STINKS! DOG! FOOD! LOSER! EATS! DOG! FOOD!

seriously, it’s just Vince piped right through his mouth. It’s never been this bad.

He literally calls this “an unprecedented moment” as they come back from break. Are you kidding?

Screw this… FFWD

Match End: Roman Reigns & The Usos win

The Usos handcuff Corbin to the ring post and dump dog food all over him.

Good on Roode and Ziggler for being “trapped” under a table for this. They get away dog food free.