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“Hold My Beer”- AEW Dynamite Recap and Review (29 January)

Hello AW Universe,

AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite was live from the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, OH.

Here’s a recap and reactions from the show.

Fast-Count Results

The Young Bucks d. The Butcher & The Blade (w/The Bunny)

“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose d. Big Swole

Cody (w/Arn Anderson) d. Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford)

SCU d. The Hybrid2

Private Party & Darby Allin Chris Jericho & Santana & Ortiz


Captain Jon “Cyclops” Moxley opens the show by making his absolutely insane entrance through the crowd. It’s just crazy! He’s like a Lunatic on the fringe! (Whoops, gimmick infringement). Anyway, Mox says he’s looking forward to beating up Chris Jericho because he (Jericho) is a bully and he (Moxley) hates bullies… before shaming Jericho into coming to the ring and to “take his beating like a man.” Well then.

Jericho’s music hits and the AEW Champion drinks it in as the Cleveland crowd sings every word to his theme song. This always amazes me; I would go to an episode of Dynamite in a heartbeat, but the most I’d be able to sing would be the, “Judas in, Judas in my mind” part. Jericho immediately tries to get his heat back by calling the Cleveland crowd stupid. He then says that Mox looks like a “cracked up Captain Jack Sparrow,” so he stole my joke, and then says that Moxley’s mother is backstage and that “maybe he’ll ask her out later”…? Honestly, Jericho’s been on a hell of a Renaissance these days, and he’s done no wrong for fans and critics for his run thus far in AEW, but this promo was awful. He just seemed really bored going through the routine.

Mox pops the crowd by putting them over because he’s from Ohio, and then he leads them in what must be some college football chant. This makes you realise how funny cheap heat can work. Moxley’s from Ohio, so he pops the crowd by proudly reminding them of that. But if he was working heel, he’d say something along the lines of, “I’m from Cincinnati; Cleveland sucks! The Bengals rule; Joe Burrow’s going to kick Baker Mayfield’s ass!” But for now, he’s just a proud Ohioan.

Anyway, the least intimidating heel stable of all time comes out to join Jericho at the top of the stage. The Inner Circle seems to have a moment of clarity, because apparently these five “badasses” are somehow intimidated by a one-eyed Jon Moxley. They proceed to call out five more random dudes to join them, prompting JR to exclaim: “who the hell are these guys?” Who indeed, JR. Moxley, the Lunatic on the Fringe Who’s Escaped from an Asylum still attacks them and it all gets broken up by officials.

The Young Bucks d. The Butcher & The Blade (w/The Bunny)

We get a weird vignette before the match that shows MJF and Wardlow entering a butcher shop where we find The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny… working? Not working in a promo sense, but actually labouring at another job. Despite the really good ratings, AEW must not have had their employee’s cheques clear yet, what with these three still putting time in at the butcher shop and Britt Baker working at the clinic (did you know she’s a dentist?!). The video shows MJF handing The Bunny an envelope with “The Young Bucks” written on it, so we’re to believe that this is blood money being paid by MFJ to take care of the Bucks. Because they threw him in a pool last week.

The match is alright, with Matt & Nick Jackson getting some of the early offense in, but quickly being grounded by The Butcher, which slows it to an actual sensible pace, making this a watchable Young Bucks match.

The Blade eats a Meltzer Driver and the pin, before The Butcher comes back in and hits some pretty wicked lariats on the Jacksons, causing Kenny Omega to race to the ring and bail them out. A beer-wielding “Hangman” Adam Page meanders behind him, wearing one of the sickest shirts I’ve seen, and literally gets Matt Jackson to hold his beer as he hits The Blade with a Buckshot. He then snatches his beer back, chugs it, and then splits because he has better things to do than hang out with the fuckin Young Bucks. What a hero.

“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose d. Big Swole

Schiavone says that he thinks Bog Stole might be the best all-round athlete in the women’s division, and that “there are a lot of great athletes in the division.” He’s probably right, but the division could use a couple more wrestlers in it.

The match isn’t actually too bad, with Swole getting in some nice offense, first with a slingshot Cutter then a Bulldog before Rose ultimately wins with a Sit-down Powerbomb. There’s nothing to write home about here, except that there’s definitely potential with Big Swole down the line, but for now Rose continues to get the monster-style push.

Cody d. Kip Sabian

Sabian comes out to no pop, before the most obnoxious entrance in wrestling introduces Cody to the ring. I don’t know if Cody’s being a great boss; does he really need both shooting fireworks and flames? Maybe if he cut one out, he might be able to pay this employees a little better. That way they won’t have to work at butcher shops and dental clinics anymore, and can just focus on wrasslin’.

Anyway, Sabian gets the immediate offense in before Cody slows the pace back down with some holds. The match is pretty good, with both men exchanging momentum.

Penelope Ford feigns an injury, drawing concern from Cody, which leads to Sabian taking advantage. Good spot, establishing the heel tactics these two constantly resort to. Ford later throws her shoe into the ring and hits Cody with a Head Scissors on the outside. “The Coach” Arn Anderson gets himself kicked out of the match for bumping the ref, but Cody eventually gets the win after reversing Sabian’s finisher, The Deathly Hallows, into a Springboard Cutter and then hitting three consecutive Cross-Rhodes. No MJF or Wardlow interference, which, if you have the stipulation heading into Revolution that Cody can’t touch MJF, then they should be taking every opportunity to try and provoke him leading up to the PPV. Oh well, instead MJF is more concerned with The Young Bucks because they threw him into a cruise ship pool.

Remember when this was supposed to be a blood feud? At least the ten lashes are booked for next week.

We’re reminded of Britt Baker’s heel turn last week, where she took shots at Tony Schiavone’s run as a Starbucks employee (giving us one of the best gifs we’ve had of late). This time, she takes shots at JR for cutting her off last week, then tells Tony he needs to brush more, and that Riho’s a shitty champion. She then takes a great shot at the Cleveland crowd by saying, “you finally have a Baker you can trust in!” Sick burn, Doc.

We then cut backstage, where a banged-up “Hangman” Page interrupts The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega being interviewed and passive-aggressively antagonises Matt & Nick by giving them their unused name plates from last week’s Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match. What a frickin god.

SCU d. The Hybrid2

SCU comes to the ring wearing Kobe jerseys and cut a promo (after Christopher Daniels drops his mic), but we don’t hear a word of it because they’re doing a picture-in-picture commercial break.

These teams have a good match, with the former Tag Team Champions getting the win. But the match doesn’t count for much, because it’s more about what happens after. JR gets word that The Dark Order have something to say, which, why? How does JR now this; is he in The Dark Order?? Evil Uno addresses “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, saying that the Grand Master is not happy with him, so they’re coming after him, SCU, and his family.

Private Party & Darby Allin Chris Jericho & Santana & Ortiz

Allin and Jericho start the match off, and JR makes a comment that, “Jericho probably doesn’t respect Allin because he’s flamboyant.” What? JR, come on, you were there in WWF when Y2J made his debut and you called most of his WWE career. Don’t make Britt Baker right.

The match is heel-led, with The Inner Circle cutting the ring in half and isolating Isiah Kassidy for most of the first part of it. Kassidy eventually gets the hot tag, coming in at break-neck speed, hitting sunset flips, cutters, and Topes, causing the match to break down as Marq Quen hits a Crucifix Bomb on Santana, Allin drops a Coffin Drop onto Jake Hager after tagging Kassidy back in. Kassidy scores a near fall on Jericho after a splash, before eating both The Judas Effect and the pin.

The Inner Circle then mugs the babyfaces. Jericho hits Private Party with the AEW title, then Sammy Guevara drives Allin’s own skateboard into his gut before Moxley finally runs to the ring, doing his best The Man Called Sting impression as he wields an all-black baseball bat, chasing them out of the ring and closing out the show.

It was a decent show. None of the matches stood out, and it seemed to be more of a set-up episode for feuds heading towards the main event. Adam Page is the all-star of this company, and I can’t get enough of him. Pac also had a weird vignette where he was wearing only his ring gear in what looked like a really cold park, and literally choked on his words as he heeled off on Kenny Omega. So that’s gonna be a thing.