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“Money vs. Fame”- NWA Powerrr Recap and Review

Hello AW Universe,

It’s the fallout episode of Powerrr from Hard Times, introducing the new champions to the crowd and setting up future matches and feuds.

Here are results and a review of the episode.

Fast-Count Results

Royce Isaacs d. Andre Guhn

Ricky Starks d. Zicky Dice to retain the NWA Television Heavyweight Title


This episode was promo-heavy, setting up two championship matches for next week’s Powerrr and a Worlds Heavyweight Championship for the next NWA PPV in April, the 2020 Crockett Cup.

After successfully retaining his title against Flip Gordon, the reigning Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis addressed the crowd and informed them that there will be a sit-down interview between he and Marty Scurll later in the show.

Royce Isaacs and Andre Guhn then have a pretty good match, but this is booked to be more of a setup for what appears to be a rivalry between Isaacs and Sal Rinauro, the latter of whom is sitting in at the commentary table and who provokes the Wild Card after he overhears the guest colour man referring to him as “neutered.” The interesting thing here is that it’s been noted that Rinauro’s arm is broken, and that he’ll be out for two-to-three months, so either the broken arm is a work, or the bookers are really high on Rinauro and are willing to invest in a longview program with him.

Kyle Davis then attempts to interview Thunder Rosa, but this is used more as creating some tension between Melina and Rosa, as the de facto leader of their group, along with Marti Belle, refuses to let Rosa speak for herself, and insists that it’s because of her that Rosa even had her title match.

The constant interrupting by Melina draws tremendous heat, just showing how over Rosa is with the crowd. When the new Woman’s World Champion finally gets a chance to speak, she acknowledges that Melina helped get her opportunities in the NWA, but declares that there is “no woman in the NWA, or on the planet that can stop her,” and honestly, she’s probably right. I wrote about it in my review of Hard Times, but Rosa looked so good in her match with Allysin Kay, that she could probably step into a Monday Night Raw ring and go toe-to-toe with Becky Lynch.

We’re then informed that Kay has enacted her rematch clause, and that will take place on next week’s Powerrr.

The new World Television Champion Ricky Starks then cuts a promo, and once again, the young talent does nothing but further impress. He acknowledges the history of the title, held by such legends as Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, and Tully Blanchard. But while there are people who want to re-write history, they “ain’t got no pens,” and Ricky Starks is the writer who, “writes with small strokes and broad strokes,” (he’s Stroke Daddy, remember). He then proclaims that he, “ain’t trying to re-write history” just adding a few more pages to the book, because the TV title is more than just television anymore, it’s about Smart Phones, Smart Watches, Smart tvs and tablets.

This is such a perfect modern-day babyface promo, praising the past without pandering to it, while adding in material that makes it fresh, unique, and original.

This brings out the “Outlandish” Zicky Dice who, after some boasting of how expensive his shitty accessories are, gets a title match with Starks. As the match gets underway, Joe Galli informs us of the Lucky 7 Rule, stating that if the World Television Champion successfully defends the title seven straight times, they earn a shot at the Worlds Heavyweight Championship, another innovative feature. Starks again proves that he’s the full package, who already gets the intricacies of a proper promo, while backing it up with good in-ring work as he shows off his athleticism.

We get a promo from the new Tag Team Championships, Eli Drake & James Storm who are soon confronted by Aron “Shooter” Stevens– who’s sporting the “largest third degree Mongrovian Karate Black Belt,  which he wears as a scarf– and Question Mark. This gives an opportunity for the babyface to have some fun, while Stevens takes it all too seriously.

This is a good place to point out that the NWA made a shrewd decision at Hard Times, and that was to put their championships on all their top talents, as Aldis, Drake, Rosa, and Starks all carry gold. This promo also is a prime example of the impact that the hot crowd can have on the ring-side promos, something that makes Powerrr so unique.

Trevor Murdoch also comes out to inform Stevens that he’ll be defending his National Championship against him next week.

The show ends with the sit-down confrontation between Aldis and Marty Scurll. As per the stipulation from his victory over Flip Gordon at Hard Times, “The National Treasure” holds the right to name any terms he chooses in any matches with Scurll. Normally this is an angle that’s used to book anything from the mundane, to the brutal, to the absurd and I honestly just expected it to be a “Loser Leaves the Promotion,” type of thing, but instead NWA decides to ground it with real-life stakes.

Aldis waxes poetic about how he does everything for the NWA, that he “does everything right,” and goes “above and beyond for the boys in the back,” and yet is labelled with a “bullshit reputation of being a problem.” He blames two-faced people in the back for speaking ill about him, but always considered Scurll different because they’ve been lifelong friends– he even mentions that he and Scurll are “more than friends,” which could be a fascinating angle– and was even willing to put their friendship at risk when the two fought for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship at the 2019 Crocket Cup.

Aldis consistently makes references to Scurll’s “huge new deal,”– the reported Godfather offer that Ring of Honor signed him to in order to retain him– and insists that it was that title opportunity that he had at the Crockett Cup that led to all the good fortune in Scurll’s life, and feels slighted that now he wants Aldis’ title too.

But Scurll insists that the money and the influence in ROH means less to him than his wrestling legacy, particularly the lack of World championships he has to his name. This is where it all comes together: the money, the title, the stipulation. Scurll needs a World championship reign on his resume, so that’s why he’s come to the NWA, and Aldis wants to know how badly he really wants it. The champion will grant The Villain a title match at the 2020 Crocket Cup— in honour of the one year anniversary since their last World title match– but, if Scurll loses then he has to refund the ticket of every person in attendance.

Again, by applying this real-world stipulation– challenging the pursuit of dreams with financial stability– it gives the match dynamic that is wholly unique. It will also put the crowd in conflict, as they debate whether they’d rather see the ultra heel Aldis fall, or get their money back.