Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 1/24/2020

It’s the final SmackDown before the Royal Rumble. Time to set the stage for the Blue Brand.

The show starts with what could have been the main event of the night.

Match #1: Six Man Tag Match
The Usos & Roman Reigns v King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

During the match Jimmy Uso hurts his knee, then Ziggler botches a move so hard it probably injured Jimmy’s head too. Such a bad spot. Jimmy is taken to the back.

3 on 2 match now, but you know, Roman…

It must hurt inside having to sell that awful Ziggler superkick.

Corbin/Ziggler/Roode spend what feels like an hour trying to put away Reigns, but of course 1 Superman Punch turns the tide.

Jimmy Uso limps down and takes out everyone.

Roman and Corbin brawl out into the crowd while Michael Cole hypes their Rumble match.

Meanwhile Jimmy Uso hits his splash.

Match End: Jimmy Uso pins Robert Roode.
That’s what 6-man Tag matches are all about.

Recap of Bray Wyatt trying to take out Kane again but getting taken out by Daniel Bryan instead.

Recap of the Lacey Evans/Bayley fued.

Stage Interview:Michael Cole interviews Lacey Evans on the stage about her motivation for her match against Bayley.

They take a big time anti-bully stance here with a very heartfelt promo from Evans. So well done!

She’s literally near tears the entire interview.

Bayley jumps Lacey Evans to end the segment abruptly.

Backstage:Carmella and Dana Brooke are interviewed about being in the Royal Rumble.

Lacey and Bayley interrupt them with their continued brawling backstage.

Match #2: Tag Team Match
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross v Fire & Desire

Before they match they show a quick backstage clip of Mandy Rose apologized for last week.

As the bell rings Lacey Evans and Bayley brawl into the ring and get this match thrown out.

Match End: No Contest

Ladies and Gentlemen….Elias!

Elias sings a song called “Texas Dream”
Basically says goodbye to everyone in the Rumble before introducing Braun Strowman to sing…sing?

Remember everyone, Braun Strowman won THE GREATEST Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, so the regular old Royal Rumble should be no problem for the big man. They won’t let you forget that. (they’ve said it 3 times since he’s been on the show).

Elias grabs a mic for Braun and they’re going to duet…then Cesaro’s music hits and the singing is over.

Match #3: Tag Team Match
Elias & Braun Strowman v Cesaro & Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura w/Sami Zayn

Really enjoying that they’re calling Cesaro a wrecking machine again.

Strowman v Nakamura is a match I didn’t think I wanted to see, but after this I think it would be pretty good.

Sami gets involved just long enough for Cesaro to get powerslammed by Strowman then hit with a flying elbow by Elias

Match End: Elias pins Cesaro to win the match
Always odd hearing Elias’ theme music.

Backstage:Big E is greased up big time and some guy tries to lift him but can’t…because he’s so slippery.

Kofi wants to know what’s going on. Then they hype Kofi’s match tonight and shout out Xavier Woods.

Backstage:King Corbin talks some smack about Roman Reigns and how he’s going to beat him up.

Rules recap and stats hype video package for the Royal Rumble. Love this stuff!

Match #4: Singles Match
SmackDown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston w/Big E v John Morrison w/The Miz

Miz has a mic and he’s here to give the crowd hell about booing John Morrison (and also to plug his damn show). Then officially declares them both for the Royal Rumble (duh).

Kofi and Morrison doing all kinds of crazy shit and I’m totally on board for it.

Imagine a triple threat with R-Truth…that’s a lot of corkscrews.

Miz gets chased around the ring by Big E, which distracts Kofi long enough for Morrison to hit Starship Pain

Match End: John Morrison pins Kofi Kingston

Universal Championship Match Contract Signing

The challenger Daniel Bryan is introduced first.

The Universal Champion Bray Wyatt is introduced next. Instead of coming to the ring they show him in the Firefly Fun House trying to send a fax to the ring.

Daniel Bryan tell him to cut the crap and get to the ring.

Bray Wyatt says that The Fiend should be the one to sign the contract.

So the lights go down…

Michael Cole jumps out of the ring faster than I’ve ever seen.

The Fiend appears and attacks Daniel Bryan, hits him with Sister Abigail, whips him with the strap, stabs himself in the hand with the pen, then signs the contract with his blood before disappearing again.

The show ends with a beaten Daniel Bryan feeding off the crowd chanting YES! YES! YES!