NWA “Hard Times” Review

Hello AW Universe, NWA’s second PPV in the Powerrr era was live from the NWA Arena at GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA. Here is a recap and reactions to the event.


NWA “Hard Times” Preview

Hello AW Universe, The NWA have their second PPV in the William Patrick Corgan Powerrr-era tonight on Fite.tv with the main focus being on some Ring of Honor cross-over and the crowning of the new World Television Champion at the conclusion of the tournament. Here are a preview and predictions for tonight’s event.


Breaking Down The Men’s Royal Rumble Match- Updated

Hello AW Universe, There have already been *27 entrants announced for the men’s Royal Rumble match, to the annoyance of some fans as it appears that this signals a lack of NXT talent and surprise entrants. Regardless, let’s take a look at the wrestlers who have been announced– in the order that they declared for the match– and…