Take It To The Table: Top 10 Best and Worst WWE/AEW PPVs of 2019

Hello AW Universe,
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Happy New Year everybody!!
It’s yo’ boy Chaos and we start the 2020s with TWO EPISODES. If you’ve seen the previous episodes, we talked about our Worst Moments that’ve happened on WWE TV.
I thought, let’s expand on that to the PPVs. So I have done a Top 10 Best and Top 10 WORST WWE/AEW PPVs OF 2019 (that’s right…AEW isn’t exempt from these lists…especially the worst!)
So how do they all fare? Do you agree with the choices?? And most importantly, who’s will claim the top spot on the Best… and even MORE importantly: the WORST??
Tune in to find out and as always Let’s Take It….To The Table!!


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