Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

TNT Announces “Dynamite” Extended Through 2023

Hello AW Universe,

WarnerMedia has announced that they have extended All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite on TNT for four years, through 2023.

Since the launch of All Elite Wrestling’s singular television show in October 2019, there has been a fervour around the pro wrestling world that perhaps Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes’ new promotion could finally be a real threat to the dominance of WWE, since perhaps the folding of the former Turner Media wrestling program, WCW Monday Night Nitro. Or, at the very least, serve as an alternative offering to what many have seen as a more mainstream or sanitised product offered by Vince McMahon’s global empire– though Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter’s Total Nonstop Action Wrestling first attempted to do so in the early aughts.

The perceived threat to WWE from the new company was confirmed as reality to many wrestling fans as WWE made the executive decision to more their developmental NXT brand off exclusively the WWE Network and onto to television– the USA Network, which is also home to their flagship show, Monday Night Raw— to compete head-to-head in what was dubbed as the “Wednesday Night War,” in an (albeit somewhat contrived) attempt to re-ignite the ratings battle-for-survival that occurred between the WWF and WCW in the mid-to-late 90s.

However, this new “war” did get a more potent conversation started around pro wrestling, and the battle has been a back-and-forth weekly affair, as evidenced by the Figure Four Online & Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez reports after each show.

Momentum slowed for NXT after they had pulled ahead for a moment after electing not to produce new shows on back-to-back weeks during the holiday season, and the latest program involving Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle and their (now failed) attempt to recruit Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley has pulled audiences in.

So now us wrestling fans wait to see how Triple H and NXT respond, and then have four full more years to see the counter-measures each promotion takes as the other edges them out.