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Undisputed Era Shock Imperium’s System, but Tyler Bate Stole The Show

Hello AW Universe,

Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish, and  spoiled wha

NXT UK held their latest TakeOver event live from the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England. Here are some quick results and reactions to the event.

Fast-Count Results

Eddie Dennis d. Trent Seven

Kay Lee Ray d. Piper Niven & Toni Storm in a Triple Threat match to retain the NXT UK Women’s Championship

Tyler Bate d. Jordan Devlin

Gallus d. Imperium, Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews, and Grizzled Young Veterans in a Fatal Four-way Ladder match to retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

WALTER d. Joe Coffey to retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship

The opening match between “The Dragon of Wales” Eddie Dennis and Trent Seven of Moustache as the hot Blackpool crowd was way into Seven

The Women’s Championship started out chaotic, as Toni Storm and jumped Kay Lee Ray immediately after introductions were done and the match immediately spilled to the outside. This match featured really good storytelling, weaving the strained friendship between Piper Niven and Toni Storm into their pursuit of the title. The climax of this came during a moment of crisis for Storm as she chose to throw down a chair that she was threatening to hit Niven with, the very same chair that was wrapped around Storm’s throat moments earlier by Ray and Niven saved her from a crushed larynx. A lot of big spots, with Piper hitting a Running Cannonball off the apron onto Ray, who also hit both of her competitors with a running dive off the turnbuckle to the outside.

Tyler Bate had the entire crowd behind as the match with Jordan Devlin began, erupting in a chant that, honestly, I could not make out. The match itself was fantastic, and very well stole the night. It was paced perfectly, starting out with a slower, with a more 80s-era feel, each wrestler countering with technical holds, Bate with a feat of strength, Gorilla Pressing Devlin, and pulling out old-school moves like Devlin with the Surfboard Stretch and Bate with a near-minute long spin. Then the complexion of the match shifted halfway through, abandoning the Golden Era pace and adopting a modern work-rate and English/Japanese strong-style with stiff punches and some high spots.

Two near-falls, first with Devlin getting one after shifting position with Bate on the top rope, and hitting him with a Avalanche Spanish Fly, only for Bate to kick-out then Bate getting his after a Springboard Tornado DDT then a Tyler Driver ’97, then finally putting Devlin away with a Corkscrew Splash.

The tag team ladder match was a bit of a letdown. Honestly, it felt a little long, and ran out of steam as it went along. There was a fair amount of chaos but setups that just didn’t have any payoff. At one point, they had all eight wrestlers all in the ring, on four of five separate ladders without anything really coming of it. The best of them both involved Wolfgang, first after he ate a double 450 Splash from Webster & Andrews, then spearing Fabian Aichner through a ladder, leading to the victory for Gallus.

The main event was everything you’d want from a WALTER match, but Joe Coffey seemed a little out of his depth in the weight of the event, particularly when framed with the context of the end of the night. But the match itself had the stiff chops and lariats that come with a WALTER championship match. But like the ladder match, this match seemed to go a little too long, especially with Alexander Wolfe interfering after the referee was knocked down by a WALTER Basement Dropkick, and then Ilya Dragunov getting involved and causing Coffey to injury his knee– this’ll likely lead to a match between Coffey and Dragunov built around the “you cost me the title” sort of program. The match ended with WALTER locking Coffey in a  Standing Sleeper Hold, into a Dragon Suplex, before ultimately forcing the submission with a cross-face.

The night was capped off with Undisputed Era attacking all of Imperium just as the copyright chyron came up, undoubtedly settings up a clash at Worlds Collide in two weeks.

All-in-all, the event dragged a bit after the Bate/Devlin match, which is a must-watch. The others, could be skipped. The event gets a decent rating for that match alone and some other matches that were good, just not great.

Event Rating: 6/10

Must Watches: Bate/Devlin

Skips: The rest