Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 1/10/2020

The night begins with Miz TV.

Miz TV

Miz explains his actions last week and uses the excuse of “having a bad day” last week. He also apologizes to Kofi.

Then he introduces his friend John Morrison who returns to WWE TV after 8 years (woah).

Miz airs a sizzle reel to remind everyone who Morrison is.

Mike starts cutting up the crowd for turning on Miz last week. He’s dissapointed…

Cue The New Day

Kofi isn’t buying the apology at all. Wasn’t respectable.

Miz comes back and says he doesn’t respect how Kofi didn’t go after the title he lost in seconds. Finally someone says something!

Kofi says this new Miz sucks.

The segment ends with a splash screen saying Miz and Kofi are going to have a match next. Then cuts to commercial.
segment end

Match #1: Singles Match
The Miz w/John Morrison v SmackDown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston w/Big E

Morrison and Big E join the commentary team. I love this because both men aren’t holding back with their comments. Great back and forth here.

Meanwhile Miz and Kofi are having a decent match. The Miz throws Kofi into Big E at the desk and that gets E and Morrison out of the chairs and into a commercial break.

After the break Morrison and Big E are at ringside doing the manager thing.

John Morrison takes out Big E at ringside which also distracts Kofi in the ring

Match End: The Miz hits Kofi with a Skull Crushing Finale and pins Kofi to win.

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt tells us he loves us…. Awww…

Bray reminds us that Daniel Bryan was part of his family back in the day, but now that Daniel wants the Universal Title…he’s…going to hurt him.

Backstage:Sonya Deville is trying to pump up Mandy Rose for her match tonight, but Mandy is distracted. She has a gift for someone…

Ladies and Gentlemen….Elias

Elias sings a promo about winning the Royal Rumble while cutting up the roster one by one. Pretty basic, but does the trick being entertaining. Elias is awesome!

Thank you for Walking With Elias

Backstage: Mandy Rose apologizes for her letting Dolph Ziggler being a dick and gives him a cake with a dozer on it. Otis looks so happy! Tucker…is not having it, but who cares about Tucker. Otis is the star here.

Match #2: Singles Match
Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross v Mandy Rose w/Sonya Deville

Alexa Bliss has really taken a back seat lately hasn’t she? I mean, she used to be on top of the division now she’s losing to Mandy Rose.

Not discounting the improvement of Mandy Rose, just saying it’s been a while since Alexa has been…relevant…

Heavy Machinery come out and it distracted Alexa Bliss.

Match End: Mandy Rose pins Alexa Bliss after the distraction to win.

After the match Otis eats and dances seductivly with the cake. Mandy seems to be into it. YEAH OTIS!

Match #3: Singles Match
Lacey Evans v Sasha Banks w/SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley

Sasha Banks’ music hits but Sasha doesn’t come out. Instead, Bayley shows up on the screen and says Sasha is in LA and isn’t going to wrestle tonight. No Match

Lacey grabs a microphone and cuts one hell of a face promo. She challenges Bayley to a match.

Bayley turns her down. Lacey runs to the back hunting down Bayley.

Backstage:Lacey finds Bayley and they brawl until its broken up. Lacey looking great here.

Backstage Interview:Daniel Bryan is asked about Bray Wyatt. Dainel is going to prove that The Fiend can be hurt. Then Bray shows up on the screen behind them and intimidated Daniel to end the interview.

Match #3: Singles Match
Braun Strowman v Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura w/Sami Zayn & Cesaro

The more is see the new Intercontinental title the more I like it.

Braun starts this match on top, but the numbers game catches up to him before they go to break.

After the break it’s all Nakamura…then it’s not.

Cesaro and Sami try to distract Braun so Nakamura could hit him with the IC Title, but it goes wrong.

Match End: Strowman hits Nakamura with the power slam and pins Nakamura.

Backstage:Sheamus cuts a promo about Chad Gable and the rest of “small” SmackDown roster. He’s going to embrace chaos…whatever that means.

Backstage:Daniel Bryan gets a gift. It’s a broken and bloody puppet from the Firefly Fun House.

Roman Reigns In Ring Promo

Before everyone can get to the ring Roman has something to say. He talks about how his family came back to help him out of being alone and embarrassed lately.

That brings out The Usos. They’re happy to be back after some hard times. Not happy with Corbin disrespecting their family.

That brings out Corbin and Ziggler. Corbin comes out on his ridiculous chair. He looks like an idiot with this king gimmick….i know that’s the point, but it’s so bad.

Roman Reigns challenges King Corbin to a match at Royal Rumble and he accepts.
end of segment

Main Event: Tag Team Match
The Usos v King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler

Yawn…not an inspiring main event tonight, but I get why it happens with the return of the Usos.

What’s Dolph Ziggler up to this week in WWE? Collecting a pay check and not making any storyline sense at all. Just throw him with someone and he’ll chew on some scenery but not really matter at all.

This match is humming along and then all of a sudden The Revival come out and distract The Usos before walking up the ramp.

Roman Reigns music hits and he comes out again (why did he leave his family after that promo in the first place?) and hits The Revival with some Superman Punches. Then they cut to commercial.

After the break Reigns is at ringside, but The Revival isn’t.

Corbin takes out Roman.

Match End: Roman Reigns spears Corbin to Disqualify The Usos

After the match Roman starts to set up Corbin for a table shot, but a returning Robert Roode hits him from behind! Then Corbin, Ziggler, and Roode take out The Usos and Roman.

Roode sets Reigns on the table and Ziggler hits him with an elbow drop through the table to end the show.