Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 01/03/2020

It’s the first episode of Friday Night SmackDown of 2020.

The show starts with a recap of Daniel Bryan becoming the number 1 contender for Bray Wyatt’s Universal Championship at Royal Rumble.

After that The Miz acts tough and wishes well to Daniel Bryan. Still can’t take The Miz serious as an angry face.

Show open

Match #1: Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Sasha Banks & SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley v Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke v Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

I’m still not used to Sasha’s new music. Seems jarring.

Bayley cuts a heel promo before the match starts. Seems jarring, but still better than what she had going before the turn.

Everyone gets a turn on the microphone before this one. Pretty basic stuff that gets the story rolling for this one.

CM Punk isn’t going to like that Nikki Cross hit a “everyone stand around and wait for me to dive on you” spot.

Bayley and Banks are head a shoulders the better team in this one.

Match End: Lacey Evans hits Sasha Banks with the Woman’s Right, Dana Brooks pins her for the unlikely win

Backstage:Recap of Dolph Ziggler stepping on the fruit cake Otis gave to Mandy Rose last week. Cut to tonight and Mandy Rose asks Otis if his mom made anything for new years. Sad Otis says his momma saw what happened last week. Sad Otis makes me sad…he’s just trying his best with Mandy…poor guy…

Backstage:Miz is still sulking backstage, but runs into The New Day who try to cheer him up. It doesn’t work. Miz challenges Kofi to a match.

Ladies and gentlemen…Elias!

Elias is in the ring with a guitar again and that makes me happy! Sings a promo cutting up everyone he has interacted with in the last year. Then…thats it I guess.

Backstage:The Revival are still not happy about being in the Christmas Hardcore match. Chad Gable comes into the room and gets made fun of as usual. The Revival challenge him to a match tonight.

Match #2: Singles Match
Chad Gable v Dash Wilder w/Scott Dawson

Dawson joins the commentary team for this match.

This should be a decent match.

Match End: Chad Gable forces Wilder to tap out

After the match The Revival double team Gable and hit the Shatter Machine. Then the lights go out and Sheamus returns and hits Gable with the Brogue Kick!

Match #3: Singles Match
The Miz v SmackDown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston w/SmackDown Tag Team Champion Big E

They finally acknowledge that Kofi was WWE Champion not to long ago. Now if only they’d let him be angry about losing the title…

Match End: Kofi sneaks in a roll up pin to win the match
After the match The Miz attacks Kofi until Big E can save Kofi. Then Miz throws a tantrum on the stage.

Backstage:Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are interviewed about their tag match tonight and about The Fiend. Roman hopes Daniel Bryan wins so he can win the rumble and face him at WrestleMania.

Backstage:They try to interview The Miz, but John Morrison opens the door and says Miz isn’t answering questions tonight. Woah! That’s how they’re doing his return?

Match #4: Singles Match
Otis w/Tucker v Drew Gulak

Otis is a star

Drew comes out and makes fat jokes about Otis and uses that as a reason why he doesn’t deserve to date Mandy Rose. Good job on that bullying WWE.

During the match Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville are shown backstage watching the match. Then Dolph Ziggler is shown with them. Mandy tells him he should apologize.

Meanwhile Otis is doing WORK in the ring.

Match End: Otis pins Gulak after a Vader Bomb

Match #5: Singles Match
Braun Strowman v Cesaro w/Sami Zayn & Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

Wait, they had Strowman dancing last week? Go away Vince…

Cesaro matching the power game tonight. Loving this idea of putting him with Zayn and Nakamura.

Match End: Strowman hits the powerslam on Cesaro then pins him to win the match
After the match Shinsuke Nakamura hits Strowman with a Kinshasa then they all leave.

Main Event: Tag Team Match
Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan v King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler

Why is Corbin still doing the King gimmick? Give it up already…

Just as the match is getting up to speed the lights flicker and The Fiend laugh plays on loop as they cut to commercial.

They come back to break and make no mention of the laughing.

Ziggler has the worst super kick.

Just as the match is wrapping up the lights go down and The Fiend appears at ringside.

Daniel Bryan isn’t scared and goes right after The Fiend. He gets a mandible claw and slammed through the barricade for it. Then The Fiend dissapears.

Ziggler and Corbin attack Reigns and it looks like they’re going to dump dog food on him again (awful)…but then THE USOS arrive and take out Ziggler & Corbin! Huge return to end the show!