Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 12/18/2019

The show begins immediately with the first match! Everyone is already in the ring, let’s get to it! NXT started their show with a title match, so this is AEW’s answer.

Match #1: Tag Team Match
Lucha Brothers v “Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega

The crowd is red hot right off the start. That’s only going to make this show better if they can keep it up.

This match has been exactly what a match these with these four should be. Incredible.

The story inside the match is how uneasy Hangman Page is teaming with Kenny Omega. Seeds of a betrayal?

Omega holds Pentagon for Adam Page to hit the BuckShot Lariat but Pentagon moves and Page hits Omega instead!

That leads to The Lucha Brothers hitting their tag finisher on Omega

Match End: Lucha Brothers win

After the match Omega and Page argue in the ring. Kenny pushes Page, and just before the brawl PAC is shown on the screen saying he won’t be accountable for his actions. Then he seems to attack or kidnap Kenny’s friend Nakazawa.

Kenny runs to the back and is attacked by The Lucha Brothers. Adam Page saves him and they both search for PAC during the split screen break.

After the break we get to the next match.

Match #2: Tag Team Match
Darby Allin & Cody v The Butcher & The Blade w/The Bunny

Darby and Cody are very very over with the crowd.

Really impressed with Butcher and Blade so far in AEW.

Darby is in his first tag match in AEW, and he messes up the hot tag by trying to pin the wrong man. Storytelling!

Cody hits the CrossRhodes on Butcher, but Bunny distracts the ref. Tag match classics.

Match End: Cody hits the Cody Cutter then pin Blade to win

Amazing promo for the Chris Jericho/Jungle Boy match layer tonight. Got me hyped.

Match #3: Singles Match
Awesome Kong w/Brandi Rhodes v an unnamed opponent

This is Awesome Kong’s first match on Dynamite. Her entrance lasted longer than the match

Match End: Awesome Kong wins
After the match they cut off some hair from the fallen opponent.

Jim Ross interviewed Jungle Boy about his dad. Really massaging that underdog story.

Match #4: 10 Minute Time Limit Challenge Match
AEW World Champion Chris Jericho w/Jake Hager v Jungle Boy w/Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt

They show that Jungle Boy has family at ringside and JR keeps calling Jungle by by his full name. Star making?

There is a countdown show on the big screens. Can Jungle Boy last the 10 minutes with Le Champion?

Jake Hager gets involved and ends up brawling with Luchasaurus and then knocking Marko Stunt out in mid air. Looking VERY dangerous.

Both sides get kicked out of ringside.

This turns the tide for Jungle Boy, who was being played with by Chris Jericho. The crowd is standing!

4:20 left in the match.

Jungle Boy hits Jericho with the lionsault! 2 count!

2:40 left

Jericho puts Jungle Boy in the Walls of Jericho.

1 min left

30 seconds

Will he tap at 1 second?


The bell rings! Jungle Boy lasted 10 minutes!

Chris Jericho grabs a mic and yells “give me 5 more minutes!” they do.

Jungle Boy gets 2 quick and close 2 counts.

Chris Jericho grabs the AEW Championship and walks away from the match as they cut to commercial.

Match End: Jungle Boy takes Jericho to the 10 minute draw

During the break Chris Jericho throws a tantrum and tears apart the ringside area before being interviewed by Tony Schiavone on the ramp. They argue and Jericho grabs the mic and cuts a promo on Jon Moxley joining the Inner Circle.

SCU is interviewed backstage about their match tonight but are confronted by The Lucha Brothers. They say Christopher Daniels doesn’t have it anymore. He just walks away.

They show both teams getting ready backstage. Time killer time…

March #5: Singles Match to become the #1 contender for the AEW Woman’s Championship
Kris Statlander v Dr. Brit Baker DMD

These two are putting on quite the back and forth match here!

Match End: Kris Statlander out powers Brit Baker to win. Becomes the #1 Contender

After the match Kris Statlander is interviewed by Tony Schiavone, but is quickly talked down to by Brandi Rhodes.

Brandi asks Statlander if she’s with the Nightmare Collective or not. She’s not. So Brandi hits her with the tip of her heel.

Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears are still looking for a tag team partner.

Main Event: AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Young Bucks v S.C.U.(c)

Buckle up for this one.

So many incredible moves and spots. These two teams are so damn good.

Excuse me, I got caught watching and not writing here.

Match End: S.C.U. retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship

After the match The Dark Order minions surround the ring. They aren’t here to recruit, they’re here to initiate two new members (not wearing masks).

The Elite run down to try and even the numbers, but the creepers out number them and beat everyone down.

The show ends with the two new members getting their masks and The Dark Order chanting “We Are One” as the show goes dark.