Photo Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

The Seth Rollins Everyone Always Wanted

Hello AW Universe,

Last night, on Monday Night Raw live from Greenville, South Carolina, the WWE Universe finally got what they wanted: Seth Rollins turned heel.

It culminated with he and the Authors of Pain– Akam and Rezar– attacked a steel pipe-wielding Kevin Owens in the backstage area, with Rollins first emerging from the back of the AOP’s… work van…(?), curb-stomping KO onto the concrete floor, then cementing the turn by coming out to the top of the stage and cutting the above promo on the crowd.

This has been a long time coming, though. The WWE crowd turned on the white-meat, energetic, superpositive babyface Seth Rollins long ago. It was a slow burn from support to indifference for Rollins by the crowd, beginning around the time when WWE decided to break down the walls of kayfabe and reality and shove Rollins’ real-life relationship with Becky Lynch down everyone’s throats and have them as an on-screen power couple. It didn’t work, and from there with every contrived utterance of “Burn it Dooooown,” Rollins was met with lukewarm golf-claps and eyerolls. But the real backlash from the WWE Universe reached critical mass with the now-infamous red-light bathed Hell in a Cell match in which he beat “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt with a finish that had the live audience chanting, “A.E.W” as the PPV came to close.

After that, there really wasn’t any redeeming Seth Rollins as the babyface-of-the-company, excitable Universal Champion.

But Rollins is just a natural heel, and that was evident on Monday night. This was his best promo since he turned on The Shield four and a with some well-timed chair shots to Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose and declared that he hadn’t sold out– and joined Triple H and the rest of The Authority– he had, in fact “bought in.”

(Skip to the 3:00 mark)

This guy is just easy too boo, from the voice to the clothes to the CrossFit, this is a wrester who both embodies and embraces what a natural heel is in modern pro wrestling.

Now we just wait and see what happens with this kinda-random alliance with the AOP.