Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 12/4/2019

This week’s Dynamite begins immediately with a six man tag team match.

Match #1: 6-man Tag Team Match
The Young Bucks & Dustin Rhodes v Sammy Guevara & Santana & Otriz

The entrance music and video for Santana & Ortiz has more attitude than anyone else in pro wrestling today. Instantly intimidating.

Wait, a Young Bucks match with high spots? What the heck?

Dustin Rhodes looks like he’s having the time of his life these days.

This match is almost a blink and miss it match. Wow.

Match End: The Young Bucks and Rhodes hit a triple team move to win the match impressively

The go over the loaded card for tonight.

Match #2: Singles Match
Trent w/Chuck & Orange Cassidy v Rey Fenix

Jim Ross and I agree that this could be the match of the night. Let’s hope we’re right.

Took awhile for the crowd to get into this one, but it was worth every heap of hype.

Trent really showcased how he could hold his own as a singles wrestler.

Match End: Rey Fenix hits the spinning muscle buster then pins Trent

During the split screen commercial break Tent attacks Rey Fenix out of frustration.

Tony Schiavone interviews Cody
Cody is sad that everyone who used to be around him are preoccupied with their various feuds.

Turns his attention to the team that attacked him last week. He challenges Blade and Butcher to a match. They get to choose his partner.

Cody then challenges MJF to a match at the next PPV. After a long list of possessions offered up (we get it Cody, you’re rich) he asks MJF to name his price for a match.
interview over

Backstage Joey Janella says that Jon Moxley is going to have to kill him to stop him. Moxley then walks into frame and just shakes his head and says “kids…”. Fantastic.

Another disturbing yet somewhat hilarious promo video is shown for The Dark Order. Kind of digging it because of what it is. Let’s see where it goes though.

Match #3: Singles Match
“The Librarian” Leva Bates v “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose

Nyla Rose is making short work of Bates, so Peter Avalon (also The Librarian if you’re keeping track) gets into the ring and tries to stop the beating. It’s doesn’t work.

Match End: Nyla Rose destroys Leva Bates with the Beast Bomb

After the match Nyla hits Bates with a second Beast Bomb and Shanna comes out and tries to take the hurt to Nyla Rose. It’s doesn’t work at all. During the commercial break Nyla puts the ref through a table and then slams Shanna onto the ref.

Le Champion Chris Jericho has something to say
Jim Ross asks the viewers who is better at pro wrestling than Chris Jericho right now. Be honest….who?

Jericho informs us that he is being forced to have one more match in 2019, and he gets to choose his opponent. He has a list! That gets a huge pop, which he tells the crowd to stop living in 2016. Amazing!

His “Lexicon of Le Champion” (not The List) is an absolutely amazing throwback to his list of 1002 holds. It’s basically everyone in AEW.

The Jurassic Express’ music hits and all three members come out. Jericho informs them that Dinosaurs and little kids are on his list (not a list).

Luchasaurus take the lead here and surprises everyone by cutting a good promo here. He implies that Jungle Boy is going to challenge Chris Jericho.

Jericho let’s Jungle Boy know that he thinks he’s “shit” and couldn’t last 10 minutes against him.

Jungle Boy grabs a microphone and speaks for the first time! Says he’s going to kick Jericho’s ass. Then he slaps him! Jericho throws a mini tantrum and leaves the arena.

end of segment

Match #4: Singles Match
Kris Statlander v Hikaru Shida

Quite the step into the division for Statlander here taking on the #1 contender for the AEW Woman’s World Championship.

This match gets an immediate split screen commercial break. A shame for both women here. Statlander is still a little green, but she’s getting the time to showcase on the main show not dark, so there’s that.

Holy smokes….

Match End: Kris Statlander beats Shida!

Immediately after this match Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong come out and are going to explain what they’re motivation is. Something called the Nightmare Collective.

They offer Kris Statlander a place in the collective. Before she can answer some “fan” is let into the ring begging to pledge her allegiance and her hair.

This is dumb….and thankfully ends.

Match #5: Singles Match
Christopher Daniels v Pentagon Jr.

Christopher is way better when he’s a heel, and I think he knows it. He jumps Pentagon Jr. during his entrance and before the bell.

Pentagon Jr. turns the tables here and gets the match officially started.

This match happened mainly on the split screen commercial break and I’m really starting to loathe that.

Took me right out of this one sadly.

Match End: Pentagon Jr wins

Main Event: Singles Match
Joey Janella v Jon Moxley

Eventhough this is the second time these men have faced off, it’s the first time it takes place officially.

Here we go again…this match starts to ramp up and they cut to commercial.

I guess the blessing of the split screen is that we can still see the match, but it also takes out the second (and sometimes first) best part of AEW wrestling…JR/Schiavone/Excalibur.

These two don’t need weapons or gimmicks to pull off a great match and they’re showing that right now.

Then Moxley stood in front of the ring bell table and Janella jumps into him and they go through it.

Moxley kicks out of a top rope elbow drop and eventually lands the Paragdim Shift

Match End: Jon Moxley stays undefeated in AEW with a pin on Joey Janella

As Moxley celebrates Le Champion Chris Jericho walks out from the crowd with The Inner Circle.

They end the show with Jericho staring down Moxley while holding up the AEW World Championship Belt.

Let’s play a little game.

If anyone reads to the end of this and sends me a message on Twitter (@LAKUnamatata) I’ll keep writing these notes every week.