Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW 12/02/2019

Seth Rollins promises to apologize to the roster of Monday Night Raw tonight.

AOP arrive to the building in a giant SUV. They’re heels now that SUV’s have been proven to be a major climate change contributor. Booo!

The show intro plays and then Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Samoa Joe is on commentary tonight. That should be fun!

Why do they still have “Beast Slayer” on his Titan Tron?

Seth talks and talks, but finally apologizes to the locker room and specifically Kevin Owens. Jerry Lawler doesn’t like it and no one cares what The King thinks.

Kevin Owens walks to the ring. Owens implies that it’s smells like bullshit in the arena after that apology.

That brings out AOP. They challenge Rollins and Owens to a match. Rollins is in of course. Owens isn’t falling for that and challenges all three of them to a fight. Seth leaves. Then AOP leave.

Owens issues an open challenge to the locker room.

Lana’s music hits and she prances out and does a few spins before informing the crowd that Rusev isn’t there again tonight because she issued another restraining order.

Kevin Owens was great during this. Cutting in with pretty much exactly what everyone else is thinking.

Finally Lashley makes his way out.

Match #1: Singles Match
Kevin Owens v Bobby Lashley w/Lana

Lana has her own security just in case Rusev shows up.

This is a big move vs big move fight.

Match End: AOP enter the ring and take out Kevin Owens who wins via DQ
AOP assault Owens and drag him up the ramp and backstage as they cut to commercial.

After the break Bobby Lashley is interviewed in the ring with Lana.

Awful surprised that Rusev should show up with those two bodyguards at ringside…Rusev takes off before the bodyguard get in the ring.

Bobby Lashley gets in their faces and shoves one which gets him arrested. As they take him away in cuffs Lana slaps one of them and gets cuffed too.

That whole debacle took 30 minutes. Only 2 and half hours of this to go…

Match #2: Singles Match
Drew McIntyre v Akira Tozawa

Honest shock seeing Tozawa get the nod for this match. Lawler makes short jokes and chuckles all match. Can he go away yet?

Tozawa takes an inverted Alabama Slam on the outside. Yikes

Match End: Drew McIntyre pins Tozawa after an incredible Claymore Kick

After the match McIntyre grabs a microphone and complains about social media. Says the roster are cowards. Especially Randy Orton, who he calls out to the ring. They cut to commercial instead.

After the break McIntyre shows the clip of their chest clap off from last week which was the best part of the entire 3 hour show last week.

Randy Orton finally comes down to the ring.

McIntyre lays it all out about his dislike of Randy Orton and it was pretty great.

Orton shrugs it off and says they can solve it in the ring if Drew wants to.

That brings out The OC. They blame Orton for the AJ losing the US Title. AJ wants a fight with Orton. McIntyre ducks out of this one.

The OC surround the ring and then beat down Orton until Ricochet runs down to join the beating. Then Humberto Carrillo runs down to even the odds. Then so does US Champ Rey Mysterio,

Hour 1 is over. 2 to go…

Randy Orton and the rest are backstage and Randy thanks them, but says he didn’t need them.

Match #3: Singles Match
Tony Neese v Aleister Black

Buddy Murphy is awkwardly watching this match on a tv backstage.

Meanwhile these two are putting on the most entertaining part of the show so far.

Match End: Aleister Black hits Black Mass and pins Tony Neese
After the match Buddy Murphy is asked if he regrets knocking on Black’s door. Long story short here…no.

Match #4: Singles Match
Andrade w/Zelina Vega v Eric Young

Oh hey, Eric Young is still employed with WWE! I wonder if he’s backstage giving Athletic approved fantasy hockey advice to the rest of the Canadians?

Decent match here. That’s two in a row decent enhancement matches.

Match End: Andrade pins Eric Young

R-Truth runs down to ringside with the 24/7 Title which brings out the sprinting roster. Truth hides behind NASCAR champion Kyle Busch. Eventually Kyle Busch pins R-Truth and wins the 24/7 Championship!

After the break Street Profits are backstage doing the Cyber Monday wwe shop thing I got 5 emails for today…

It’s 1 and a half hours into the show so they have to recap the start of the show instead of winding it up. I really wish they would bring back the 2 hour show and tighten up this out of tune drum of a show.

Backstage Seth Rollins is leaving but is stoped and asked why he didn’t help Kevin Owens, then challenged about his apology.

I’m a fan of Seth Rollins, but his promo work as of late has been lacking.

Another recap is shown of Rey Mysterio winning the US Title.

After the recap Rowan is talking to his cage again. I bet it’s empty and this whole angle is a “deeper meaning thing”.

Match #5: Singles Match
No Way Jose v Erick Rowan

Good for Jose for getting some tv time. I still can’t get over them redoing the Adam Rose gimmick (without the charisma) and showhorning No Way Jose (worst name) into it.

Rowan chases off the conga line after they try to look at his cage.

This is so dumb.

Match End: Erick Rowan wins

Samoa Joe has been the best part of this show tonight without question.

After the break they show Erick Rowan and a recap of what literally just happened for some reason. Enough of this already. No one cares.

Hour 2 passes during the next entrance…1 more to go! We’re almost done!

Match #6: Handicap Match
Charlotte Flair v Woman’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors

Before their entrance Asuka and Kairi Sane cut an amazing sounding promo in Japanese. They both ooze charisma when they don’t have to memorize English lines. More please.

The Kabuki Warriors FINALLY get their own team entrance music instead of that lame mashup.

They attack Charlotte before the match starts the take control the second the bell rings.

This has been the Match of the Night!!

Match End: The Kabuki Warriors win after Kairi Sane lands her amazing Elbow Drop while Charlotte has Asuka in the Figure Eight. AMAZING MATCH

After the break Charlotte Flair is asked if she regrets challenging both of the Kabuki Warriors. One word answer. NO.

Match #7: Tag Team Match
RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders v local talent

Following up the match of the night with an enhancement match. Fill that time…

Match End: Vikings win

Main Event face promo backstage. Pointing at the camera and smiles all around.

Main Event: Six Man Tag Match
Humberto Carrillo/Ricochet/United States Champion Rey Mysterio v The O.C.

Before they come out The OC remind everyone that Randy Orton is going to be involved in this match….I mean they remind Randy Orton that they’re mad at him.

Samoa Joe is doing work on commentary, and Lawler is cracking superhero jokes. Go away King.

Meanwhile this match has been building like all 6-men matches do and it’s always entertaining.

Match End: AJ Styles hits Ricochet with a Styles Clash from the second rope to win the match

After the match Randy Orton hits an RKO on Styles as Raw ends.