Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 11/27/2019

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho is challenged by Scorpio Sky in the main event of another jam packed card.

Chris Jericho Thank You Celebration
Soul Train Jones (aka Vincent aka Virgil) starts off the show introducing Le Champion Chris Jericho to the ring that is set up with so many props. It’s time for the Thank You Chris Jericho Celebration!

Oh my goodness, they’re selling “A Little Bit of the Bubbly” bottles of…bubbly. Amazing!

The Inner Circle come out with a gift basket. Sami Guevara gives Jericho a standee of him and Jericho hugging. Santana & Ortiz make him a real Boricuas and give him the gift basket.

Jake Hager come out with a goat. The goat is named Chris Jerigoat! Amazing!

But what’s in the big box? It’s New York Rangers legend Ted Irvine (Chris Jericho’s dad)!! He’s wearing a Rangers jersey and he’s here to talk shit about the Blackhawks. He’s giving the Inner Circle custom Rangers jerseys!

Le Champion makes Justin Roberts read the statement from AEW and TNT. Jericho didn’t like his tone while reading so The Inner Circle attack him!

SCU save Justin Roberts and run the Inner Circle out of the ring.
Segement End

Match #1: Tag Team Match
Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy v Lucha Brothers

The Lucha Brothers attacks the Best Friends while they walk to the ring but Orange Cassidy has their back and dives off the top rope taking them out. The match starts after.

TSN messed up the split screen commercial break but that’s okay, not a lot happens in that little screen.

Match End: Trent counters Rey Fenix and pins him to with the match

Match #2: Tag Team Match
Bea Priestley & Emi Sakura v Hikaru Shidu & Kris Statlander

This tag team match is an introduction to Kris Statlander to the main show.

This has been a comedy of errors for the ref as the story in this match.

Match End: Emi Sakura pins Kris Statlander

Jon Moxley cuts a promo looking for a fight. Is it a challenge or a warning?

Match #3: Singles Match
Cody v some local guy Matt Knicks

Cody is back in ring shape after some injuries.

Good pop for the local guy.

Match End: Cody forces a submission with a figure four leg lock

Cody grabs a mic and challenges MJF. Some guys named Blade and Butcher attack Cody and then pull some lady named Bunny from under the ring. JR was as confused as the crowd and I were. Excalibur had that Michael Cole knowledge and explained everything.

Match #4: Singles Match
“The Bastard” PAC v Kenny Omega

Do I even need notes for this. You know it’s amazing.

I usually don’t enjoy the split screen commercials, but this match I was glued to the tiny screen.

What. A. Match!

Match End: This fantastic match ends with a pin counter by Kenny Omega into a pin on PAC to win the match

Recap of the battle royal last week showing us why this next match is happening.

Match #5: Dynamite Diamond Ring Match
MJF w/Wardlow v “Hangman” Adam Page

After watching their own promos in the ring Adam Page takes the fight to MJF.

Obviously Wardlow is going to end up being involved in the finish of this match.

Wardlow gets involved just enough to distract Adam Page long enough to get hit with a Cross Rhodes.

Match End: MJF wins the Dynamite Diamond Ring

Diamond Dallas Page comes out to present the ring to MJF. Speaking of rings, DDP is wearing his WWE Hall of Fame ring. Lord knows I would too if I had one.

DDP gives MJF a talking down to. Offers to be the bigger man and shake his hand. MJF puts his gum into his hand then Wardlow gets in DDP’s face. DDP isn’t backing down so security comes down to break up anything before it starts. DDP is so damn awesome. BANG!

Dustin Rhodes is in the ring and he’s calling out Jake Hager for breaking his arm. It doesn’t take long for Sammy Guevara and Santana & Ortiz to run down to attack Dustin. That brings out The Young Bucks to even the odds. They set up The Inner Circle for some shattered dreams and hit it.

Main Event: AEW World Championship Match
AEW Tag Team Champion Scorpio Sky v Chris Jericho(c)

Everyone else has been barred from ringside for this match.

Jericho gets Sky into the Walls of Jericho. Scorpio gets to the ropes.

Scorpio gets Jericho into a dragon sleeper but Jake Hager defies the rules and runs down to the ring to distract Scorpio Sky and the Ref.

SCU come down and brawl with Hager before Aubrey Edwards gets out of the ring to kick them all out of ringside.

While that’s happening Jericho got the belt and misses Sky with it getting a big close 2 count.

Both men trading home runs shots now for 2 counts.

Scorpio Sky evades the Judas Effect and pins Jericho…2 count!

Scorpio Sky misses a flying kick and is countered into the Walls of Jericho again.

Match End: Scorpio Sky taps out and Chris Jericho retains the AEW World Championship

After the match Jericho puts Sky back into a much better Walls of Jericho until Jon Moxley’s music hits and he appears in the crowd to stare down Jericho. Holy smokes.

The show ends with both men staring each other down.