Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW 11/25/2019

The Monday Night Raw roster reacts to last night’s Survivor Series.

<The show begins with the entire RAW roster surrounding the ring and Seth Rollins inside the ring wearing a suit.

Seth answers the CM Punk chant with a nice shot at Punk. Good…stoke that fire.

Seth calls out the roster for suckling last night at Survivor Series.

Calls out Randy Orton for being the weak link and gives him a opportunity to say something. Orton walks out instead.

Seth calls out Charlotte and she walks out on him as well.

Seth calls out AOP and then tells them to leave since they weren’t even at Survivor Series.

He then says Rey Mysterio let’s them down the most, then let’s him have it.

That forces the whole roster to leave Seth Rollins in the ring alone…except for one man. Kevin Owens.

Seth calls Owens a lazy piece of crap and says he’ll never take his spot.

Owens stuns Rollins as a response.

Seth Rollins has gone full asshole heel tonight and I for one am glad he’s not going to be a shitty face anymore. End of segment

After the break Seth Rollins is backstage and pissed off. He challenges Kevin Owens to a match later.

Match #1: Singles Match
Bobby Lashley w/Lana v Titus O’Neil

Before the match they show Rusev getting served a temporary restraining order, so he can’t be in the arena tonight.

Match End: Rusev runs into the ring and beat up Lashley violating the restraining order!

Rusev beats Lashley all the way to the announce desk while Lana screams at him. Then he’s arrested. Cuffs don’t stop Rusev from kicking Bobby off the stage and then knocking a stage truss on top of Lashley.

Match #2: Tag Team Match
A.O.P. v Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

Well at least AOP aren’t being fed local talent to feast on. Makes this a little more impressive I guess.

Match End: AOP win

Match #3: Singles Match
Andrade w/Zelina Vega v Arkira Tozawa

Jerry Lawler has been awful tonight and it’s not going to get any better any time soon.

Match End: Andrade wins without much effort…yawn

Jerry keeps saying things like “raw could have used you last night” for everyone who wins their match. Let it go old man.

Aleister Black is pissed and he’s going to fight Buddy Murphy for knocking on his door as a joke.

Match #4: Singles Match
Matt Hardy v Buddy Murphy

Matt Hardy is back! He’s not broken anymore? In fact he’s dressed up like Team Extreme. Has his hair pulled back into a ponytail so that can get broken at any moment. Let’s see where this goes.

Hand it to Buddy he got his nose bloody but didn’t take it out on Hardy. In fact he took his knees easy on him.

Match End: Buddy Murphy wins
Buddy grabs a mic and knocks at Aleister Black’s door again. Black runs down to the ring and kicks the taste out of his mouth.

Backstage Charlotte Flair is asked about being team captain last night and losing. Flair calls out Asuka for using the green mist.

Match #5: United States Championship Match
Humberto Carrillo v AJ Styles(c)

Anderson & Gallows jump Humberto during his entrance before he gets into the ring. They hit him with the Magic Killer on the ringside stairs.
No Match

Styles grabs a mic and starts talking smack. Ricochet is at ringside and he challenges Styles for the US Title. AJ say no…he didn’t sign a contract with Ricochet tonight.

Randy Orton comes out now and challenges AJ to a US title match. AJ says no to him as well.

AJ Styles has nothing to prove to two guys he’s already beaten.

That brings out Drew McIntyre. He challenges AJ for the US Title. AJ says he’s to sore to face him tonight.

Rey Mysterio comes out now. Says he’s sore too but he’s not making excuses. He challenges AJ to a US title match. AJ declines this challenge as well.

Ricochet proposes an idea of having a Fatal 4-way match where the winner takes on AJ Styles for the United States Championship tonight. AJ says it sounds stupid, but The OC both think its a great idea…so it’s going to happen. Segment End

Match #6: Fatal Four Way Match winner challenges AJ Styles for the US Title
Ricochet v Drew McIntyre v Rey Mysterio v Randy Orton

Can they stop calling Ricochet a superhero please?

Orton and McIntyre team up for the start of thus one, then eventually Ricochet and Rey come back with their own shots.

Drew and Randy have a chop off. Drew chops his so damn hard it hurt Ortons ears from the sound of the slap. Orton pokes him in the eye. That was great!

Drew gets the upper hand on Ricochet, goes for the Claymore but gets an RKO. The OC pull Orton out of the ring.

Meanwhile Mysterio lands a move on Ricochet and pins him for the win!

Match End: Rey Mysterio wins and will immediately face AJ Styles for the US Title

Match #7: United States Championship Match
Rey Mysterio v AJ Styles w/The OC

Pretty full weekend for Rey Mysterio having two title matches in two nights.

Heel AJ is great when he talks smack in the ring.

Karl Anderson trips Mysterio while he goes for the 619 and it gets Gallows and Anderson kicked out of ringside.

After some great back and forth Rey hits AJ with the 619, AJ hits back into the ref and knocks him out.

The OC run down and beat of Mysterio. The. Randy Orton comes down and takes out The OC. Rey hits the 619 again into an RKO!

Rey pins Styles! Crowd is going nuts!

Match End: Rey Mysterio is the NEEEEWWWW United States Champion!

Backstage Kevin Owens cuts a promo on Seth Rollins full of fire. Calls Seth a prick!

Match #8: Singles Match
Charlotte Flair v Woman’s Tag Team Champion Asuka w/Woman’s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane

I could watch these two wrestle for hours.

Kairi Sane tries to get involved in the match but Charlotte chases her out of ringside before the commercial break.

This match has been amazing! PPV quality.

Kairi Sane runs back into the match and distracts Charlotte and the ref long enough for Asuka to summon the green mist and spits it full force into Charlotte’s face.

Match End: Asuka pins Charlotte Flair

This show has been great so far, but it also feels like it has been going on forever tonight.

Match #9: Singles Match
Erick Rowan v some local guy

Sorry Rowan, but no one cares about the cage gimmick or…well…Rowan…

The local guy leaves the ring and tries to look at what’s in the cage Rowan brings to the ring now. That doesn’t sit well with Rowan.

Match End: Rowan wins

AJ Styles is interviewed backstage…kind of…he can’t muster up the words he’s so angry. All he says is Randy Orton.

Backstage Lana is interviewed and she asks WWE to fire Rusev. Don’t worry, she’s going to be fine after Bobby was hurt.

Main Event: Singles Match
Seth Rollins v Kevin Owens

Owens goes for a Stunner early and that sets off the brawl.

Rollins and KO go back and forth for a while before Seth rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair as they cut to commercial.

Back from the break and the match is still back and forth.

Just enough dummies in the crowd are chanting CM Punk at strange times to be annoying.

Finisher teases end with a KO pop up powerbomb on Rollins. 2 count.

Kicks to the head battle. Rollins gets caught in a stunner. KO can’t pin.

AOP walk down to the ring…

KO attacks them and they beat the heck out of Owens.
Match Ends via DQ

The beating ends and AOP focus on Seth Rollins. Rollins gets ready to fight and AOP just walk away.

Seth stomps Owens twice and then talks smack as RAW goes off the air.

Pretty solid show tonight, just wish it was 2 hours instead of 3 but that’s not going to change.