Mr. Nick’s Notes: Survivor Series 2019

WWE brands (except 205 live) are at war tonight where most of the matches are RAW v SmackDown v NXT.

Alright, so I turned on the preshow at 4:45pm here in parts unknown and I see The Viking Raiders win the Tag Team Triple threat match.

Apparently all 3 brands have won a match on the preshow and WWE is keeping track and including the preshow. Woops.

Time for Survivor Series!

Oh cool, the commentary team is a mix of all three brands tonight. I like that.

Match #1: Woman’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team SmackDown
Sasha Banks
Nikki Cross
Lacey Evans
Dana Brooke


Team Raw
Charlotte Flair
Sarah Logan
Kairi Sane


Team NXT
Rhea Ripley
Toni Storm
Io Shirai
Bianca Belair
Candice LaRae

I really enjoy that this is a triple threat elimination match instead of some kind of 3 team singles match.

The match comes to a standstill as it seems like Io Shirai and Candice LaRae are injured. They are taken to the back which eliminate them from the match. NXT is down to 3 women to 5 to 5.

Bianca Belair pins Nikki Cross to eliminate her.

Bianca Belair eliminates Sarah Logan

Carmella does her best trying to eliminate Charlotte and Bianca, but she can’t keep them pinned.

Charlotte eliminates Carmella after hitting natural selection

Sasha Banks eliminates Kari Sane

All three teams have three members left.

Asuka eliminates Dana Brooke

Asuka then mixes it up with Charlotte and eventually spits green mist in her face then leaves.

Lacey Evans eliminates Charlotte Flair

Natalya is the only member of Team Raw left.

Natalya eliminates Lacey Evans

NXT with the advantage 3 to 1 to 1

Natalya puts Toni Storm in the sharpshooter and Sasha Banks also puts her in the Banks Statement.

Toni Storm is eliminated

Bianca Belair is eliminated

Sasha Banks suckers Natalya.

Natalya is eliminated and so is Team Raw

It’s now Rhea Ripley v Sasha Banks!

After a few back and forth submissions Io Shirai and Candice LaRae return to the match and are apparently not injured at all. 3 against Sasha Banks. The numbers game always wins.

Match End: Rhea Ripley pins Sasha Banks to win the match for Team NXT

That was fun to watch!

RAW: 1 NXT: 2 Smackdown: 1

After a recap of Kevin Owens showing up last night at NXT War Games Seth Rollins confronts KO backstage. KO says he did it to get back at Undisputed Era and he’s Team Raw…but doesn’t like that Seth questioned his loyalty, then makes a Shield fist.

Match #2: Triple Threat Match
Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura w/Sami Zayn v North American Champion Roderick Strong v United States Champion AJ Styles

This is my pick to be the match of the night and I know I’m not alone on that.

Props to Strong for being in the War Games match last night then getting into the ring with two of the best wrestlers of all time tonight.

What I hoped would happen did. They let these guys go for a believeable strong style match. Thank goodness for that!

Nakamura signals for the Kinshasa, but Styles grabs his leg from the outside. That forces Sami Zayn to hit Styles.

All 3 men are in the ring hitting big shots now building to the finish.

KINSHASA!! PIN! Styles breaks it up.

This is living up to the hype.


Match End: Roderick Strong pushes AJ Styles out of the ring and pins Shinsuke Nakamura to win the match for NXT

That brings the Survivor Series tally to:
RAW: 1 NXT: 3 SD: 1

The Miz gives a peptalk to Daniel Bryan about beating The Fiend. Daniel tells him to “Get out of my face.”

Match #3: NXT Championship Match
Pete Dunn v Adam Cole(c)

How Adam Cole is still walking after last night at War Games is amazing.

This match is all story telling around multiple injuries to both wrestlers and it has been incredible!

I got wrapped up in watching these two try to put move each other.

Adam Cole hits Dunn with Panama Sunrise on the outside apron edge!

Match End: Adam Cole counters the Bitter End and hits the Last Shot on Dunn followed by a pin to retain the NXT Championship

What’s next for Pete Dunn? 205 live? SmackDown? Back to NXTUK? Seriously…where do they put him after this?

Match #4: Universal Championship Match
Daniel Bryan v “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt(c)

Red lights on again for this match. Good luck Daniel.

Very slow pace to this match. Big shots from Bray. Slow build from Bryan.

Daniel Bryan hitting big shots now. The Fiend just kept getting back up from the big shots.

Bryan hits the running knee after the yes movement chant! 2 count…

Daniel counter Sister Abigail then get caught in the Mandible Claw during a running knee.

Daniel Bryan passes out in the Mandible Claw and is pinned by The Fiend

Match End: The Fiend retains the Universal Championship

Match #5: Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team Raw
Seth Rollins
Kevin Owens
Drew McIntyre
Randy Orton

Team Smackdown
Roman Reigns
King Corbin
Chad Gable
Mustafa Ali
Braun Strowman

Team NXT
Tommaso Ciampa
Keith Lee
Damian Priest
Matt Riddle
United Kingdom Champion Walter

Walter is being showcased here. Drew McIntyre taking the chops from him. Braun throwing him around though. Walter not phased by Strowman. McIntyre hits him with a surprise Claymore Kick.

Walter is eliminated

Time for some speed as Gable, Riddle, and Ricochet take over for the big guys.

Kevin Owens hits a frog splash on Chad Gable

Chad Gable is eliminated

Ciampa catches Kevin Owens with a DDT while he was coming into the ring then pins him.

Kevin Owens is eliminated

Orton and Ciampa have quite the stared own before trading shots.


Damien Priest is eliminated

Matt Riddle rolls up Orton right after!

Randy Orton is eliminated

RKO on Riddle! Corbin pins Riddle.

Matt Riddle is eliminated

Keith Lee and Braun Strowman square up.

Braun runs around the ring taking out people. Then he does it again but runs into Keith Lee who stops Braun in his tracks.

Braun Strowman is eliminated via count out…what the?

Ricochet is hitting his “superhero” (ugh) moves. Then is caught by Corbin.

Ricochet is eliminated

Mustafa Ali tags himself in got SmackDown and takes on Seth Rollins.

Corbin distracts Ali and Rollins stomps him.

Mustafa Ali is eliminated

Two men per team now.

Roman hits a spear on McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is eliminated

Seth Rollins is alone for RAW.

Roman hits Ciampa with a Superman Punch but can’t pin him.

Corbin is being a right prick here and it’s kidlnd of awesome. Roman turns on him and Spears Corbin.

King Corbin is eliminated

Seth Rollins v Keith Lee & Ciampa v Roman Reigns

Seth wants Roman to powerbomb Ciampa through the announce table. Keith Lee takes them all out instead.

Ciampa nearly pins Seth Rollins. Roman saves Rollins. Stomp on Ciampa.

Tommaso Ciampa is eliminated

Rollins v Lee v Reigns

Keith Lee kicks out of a frog splash from Rollins.

Keith Lee hits Rollins with his jackhammer like move then pins him!

Seth Rollins and Team Raw are eliminated

Roman Reigns v Keith Lee!

The crowd is firmly in the corner of Keith Lee.

Two Superman punches from Roman…2 count!!!

Reigns sets up for a spear…

Keith Lee spirit powerbomb!!!

2 count!

Lee on the top rope. Misses the moonsault.

Spear by Roman (of course). Pin.

Roman Reigns and Team SmackDown in the match

After the match Roman shows respect to Keith Lee. Lee bows and Roman offers a fist bump. Lee bumps. Respect.

Becky cuts one hell of a promo on Bayley. Ready for that one.

The history of Rey Mysterio v Brock Lesnar is show before their match.

Match #6: WWE World Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification Match
Rey Mysterio v Brock Lesnar(c) w/Paul Heyman

Given the history of Lesnar matches, how long does this match last? 3 minutes? 4?

Mysterio is wearing Joker theme gear tonight…and not looking very confident at all.

Rey rolls out of the ring and grabs a pipe.

Lesnar leaves the ring forcing Rey to chase him. Lesnar catches Rey and this looks to be over.

Lesnar throws Mysterio around outside the ring for a few minutes.

Mysterio tries for the pipe again, but Lesnar German Suplex’s him onto the pipe.

Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick comes down to the ring with a white towel. Brock grabs him and Rey hits Lesnar in the groin. Then so does his son.

Dominic and Rey hit Lesnar with chairs and pipes, then dual 619. Then frog splashes.

Then a pin….2 count. Haha!

Lesnar suplex on Dominic, then catches Mysterio mid air and hits the F5. Pin.

Match End: Brock Lesnar retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

That was some great underdog almost wins stuff!

Main Event: Triple Threat Match
RAW Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch v NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Baszler v SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley

The commentary team is going all in on Baszler as a badass.

Becky puts Bayley in the Disarmher but Baszler walks up to Becky and knees her in the face.

This crowd has turned from burned out to being annoying pretty fast. All at the expense of this match.

Baszler and Lynch are trading submissions now. Bayley eventually interrupts the attempts but seems to mess up her knee.

Shayna slams Becky into the announcers table. Then gets Bayley into the ring and attempts a submission. Bayley takes to the top rope and attempts an elbow drop but gets caught in a choke.

Match End: Shayna Baszler forces Bayley to tap out to win the match

NXT wins the overall match score tonight to win Survivor Series.

Shayna celebrates over the body of Becky Lynch, but turns her back and The Man trips her and slams her through the announcers table.

The show ends with Becky Lynch holding her title over Shayna Baszler (who won the match) while her music plays.

Overall, decent PPV thanks for NXT.