Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT War Games 2019

The first ever all woman War Games match is the first of two War Games matches on this stacked card.

The show open is narrated by Shawn Michaels and really set the stage and mood for tonight.

I haven’t been watching NXT so I’m going to need the recaps tonight. Still hyped for this show because Takeovers are always amazing.

Match #1: War Games Match
Team Ripley v Team Baszler

Rhea Ripley is introduced first
Bianca Belair for Team Baszler
Candice LaRae for Team Ripley
NXTUK Woman’s Champion Kay Lee Ray for Team Baszler
Teegan Nox for Team Ripley
Io Shirai for Team Baszler
Dakota Kai for Team Ripley
NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Baszler

Io Shirai and Candice LaRae are chosen to start off this match.

The 5 minute countdown starts before the next member of Team Baszler enters the match.

Io Shirai takes it to Candice early with some big moves in the middle of the two rings.

The timer ends and Bianca Belair enters the match making it a handicap match against Candice LaRae.

The timer ends and Rhea Ripley enters the match, but first she grabs some weapons before getting into the cages! Kendo sticks, chairs, garbage cans, and lids are now fair game. Ripley isn’t playing around.

The timer ends again and the NXTUK Woman’s Champion Kay Lee Ray heads to the cages and teases grabbing some tables before entering the cages and goes straight for Rhea Ripley.

The timer ends again and Dakota Kai is let out of the holding cage, but instead of going to the match she attacks her best friend Teagon Nox and destroys her injured knee! Lord Steven Regal tries to drag her off but she’s acting like a rabid animal. What the heck!? Dakota Kai doesn’t enter the match and it doesn’t look like Nox is either…Rhea Ripley’s team is going to be short 2 women for this one.

The timer ends again and NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Baszler slowly enters the cages and attacks Rhea Ripley.

The powers that be decide that this match is now officially started as a 4 on 2 War Games match. Madness.

There’s so much going on I can’t type fast enough to keep up and enjoy at the same time.

Io Shirai ends up on the top on the cage and eventually does a moonsault off the top of the cages!

Baszler gets Ripley in her choke! Ripley handcuffs herself to Baszler to get out of the choke. Then she hits the Riptide on her!

Match End: Rhea Ripley pins Shayna Baszler to with the match!

Holy smokes that had a full ppv worth of events in one match and it’s only the first match of the night! This is going to be madness tonight.

Match #2: Triple Threat Match
Winner faces Adam Cole at Survivor Series for the NXT Championship
Damian Priest v Pete Dunn v Killian Dain

Before the match they show Imperium standing in the first row. Foreshadowing?

Killian Dain hits Dunn with a Michinoku Diver and as he sits down sits on the chest of Priest. That’s a first for me.

This has been a match of homerun hits one after another with some finger breaking in between.

Damian Priest gets Killian Dain set up and hits the Razors Edge!! Dunn breaks up the pin then stomps the face of Priest.

Dunn counters Priest into an armbar and almost makes him tap out before Killian Dain kicks Dunn in the face.

Killian Dain his Priest with what looked like a One Winged Angel! 2 count!

Killian Dain hits a Vader Bomb on Priest. Pin broken up by Dunn.

Bitter End by Dunn on Dain. Broken up by Priest.

Priest hits Dunn with his finisher, but Dain breaks up the pin.

This has been incredible!

Match End: Killian Dain had Dunn on his back then drops him onto Priest. Dunn stays on top of Priest for the pin fall victory.
Pete Dunn with challenge Adam Cole for the NXT Championship at Survivor Series!

Match #3: Singles Match
Finn Balor v Matt Riddle

Previously I said I haven’t been watching NXT lately, but this promo for Finn Balor in NXT has made me regret that. This is the Balor WWE should have had, not the smiling Balor.

These two are having themselves a very technical wrestling match here. Balor is getting the upper hand of it for now.

Finn was heating up for his finisher, but Riddle spears Balor then hits him with a Jackhammer! 2 count!

Riddle hits Balor with the GTS! Then crashes and burns with a top rope move. Balor tries for the coup de grais and its countered into a submission.

Match End: Finn Balor hits Riddle with 1916 DDT and picks up the pinfall.

Match #3: War Games
Team Ciampa v Undisputed Era

Team Ciampa
Tommaso Ciampa
Keith Lee
Dominik Dijakovic
Unknown (my guess is Gargano)

Undisputed Era
NXT Champion Adam Cole
NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong
NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

Tommaso Ciampa walks straight into the cages with a crutch. Roderick Strong gets chosen to face him.

Ciampa beats the hell out of Strong for most of the 5 minutes before the timer ends and Kyle O’Reilly enters the cages.

Strong and O’Reilly take turns beating up Ciampa for the next 5 minutes with some brutal shots.

The timer goes off and Dijakovic enters the cages to even the odds. This guy is so impressive. He literally tosses Strong and O’Reilly around and into the cages.

The timer ends again and Bobby Fish runs into the cages and immediately takes the kicks to Ciampa and Dijakovic.

The timer ends and a seething Keith Lee runs down the ramp and into the cages. He takes out all 3 members of Undisputed Era.

The numbers game catches up to Lee while Ciampa and Dijakovic were down, but they’re starting to get back into it.

The timer ends again and the final member of Undisputed Era Adam Cole heads to the cages. He grabs a few tables and tosses them into the cages before trying to enter the match.

Tommaso Ciampa stops Adam Cole from entering the cages by pushing him back into a table. Cole does get into the cages after the brutal table shot.

The final timer ends and the mystery member of Team Ciampa is….KEVIN OWENS!!!! Holy shit!

Owens gets into the cages and lays waste to the Undisputed Era! The crowd is stunned and so am I!

Adam Cole tries to recruit KO to the Undisputed Era, but he gets a DX crotch chop and a stunner (full attitude era) as a reply.

Team Ciampa set up some of the tables Cole brought into the cages.

Keith Lee launches himself off the top rope into almost everyone else in the match.

That starts a parade of huge moves on alternating members of each team ending with a massive Olympic Slam from the top rope by Roderick Strong on Keith Lee!

Kevin Owens teases a package piledriver on the metal middle area between both rings on Adam Cole. Instead it’s countered with a Tequila Sunrise!

Tables are put into position for the next big spot.

Ciampa brings Cole over the the corner and they brawl above 2 set up tables (side by side). Adam Cole heads to the top of the cage followed by Ciampa.

Meanwhile Keith Lee is being set up by Fish and Strong on another corner near some tables.

Dijakovic puts Strong through a table, then O’Reilly puts Dijakovic in triangle armbar.

Dijakovic picks him up and places O’Reilly onto a table. Kevin Owens hits the prone O’Reilly with a Frog Splash through the table.

Keith Lee lands a power bomb through a table from the top rope on Bobby Fish.

The camera shows the carnage framed by Cole and Ciampa brawling on top of the cage near the set up tables.

Tommaso Ciampa hoists Cole onto his back and jumps backward into the ring from the top of the cage and into the two tables!

Go right now and find a clip of that spot. My goodness…

Match End: Tommaso Ciampa pins Adam Cole after landing on him to win War Games

Team Ciampa stand in victory as this incredible show ends.