Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 11/20/2019

Just like every week AEW has a loaded card to entertain the masses.

This week’s episode opens cold on JR, Tony, and Excalibur introducing the loaded card for tonight. We start with basically the main event!

Match #1: Singles Match
Nick Jackson v Rey Fenix

So much hype all week about this match since it was announced.

There have been some very beautiful choreography (that’s right folks) in this match. As expected, and very entertaining. The crowd is with them every step.

Nick Jackson puts Rey Fenix in the worst sharpshooter I’ve ever seen (must be because he’s not Canadian).

Match End: Rey Fenix pins Nick Jackson after a spinning sitdown powerbomb
After the match Nick Jackson offers his hand in respect, but Rey turns his back and leaves the ring.

Match #2: Singles Match
Dr. Britt Baker v Hikaru Shida

This match gets the split screen commercial break treatment. Britt Baker busts her nose during this break.

After the break Shida teases using a chair, but the referee stops her. Shida uses it as a launchpad instead.

Props to Britt for working this match this hard with a broken nose.

Match End: Hikaru Shida pins Britt Baker to become the #1 Contender for the AEW Woman’s World Championship

A video is shown that’s going to explain The Dark Order. Definitely didn’t explain anything but it was a twisted recruitment video.

Match #3 Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal

This battle Royal will determine who will face off for a diamond ring next week.

“Hangman” Adam Page is introduced then they cut to the split screen commercials for the bulk of the introductions.


Pentagon JR. Is eliminated first because of some trickery from Christopher Daniels.

Hard to keep up with the eliminations. All you need to know is that Billy Gunn is the focus….or is he? Orange Cassidy is just chilling in the corner not engaging at all.

Jimmy Havok gets kicked out of the match after using a staple gun on everyone. What the?

MJF throws Orange Cassidy over the top and he solidifies his ultra heel status.

Wardlow (not warlord like I said last week) distracts Billy Gunn long enough for Adam Page to eliminate him.

The last two are Adam Page and Jungle Boy!!

But wait…MJF wasn’t eliminated and he takes out Jungle Boy.

Match End: MJF and “Hangman”Adam Page will face each other for the diamond ring next week.

Le Champion Chris Jericho heads down to the ring with Jake Hager to make an announcement. Best part of this segment is that Jericho tries to apologize for his temper tantrum last week but he can’t say the word “sorry”, so he gets Jake Hager to say it for him. Hager cracks up after the first one (obviously not planned). Best.

Next week in Chicago Chris Jericho is going to get the thank you he deserves from AEW and TNT. It’s going to be a Thanksgiving Thank You Celebration.

SCU interrupt this. Scorpio Sky reminds everyone why Jericho threw his tantrum. It’s because Scorpio pinned him last week.

After some great back and forth (seriously look it up, Jericho kills it again). Chris Jericho challenges Scorpio Sky to an AEW Championship match next week!!! Woah!

After he accepts and says “I’m going to turn Le Champion into Le Bitch” Jericho attacks Scorpio Sky. The rest of the Inner Circle run down to the ring and a beat up SCU. They handcuff Daniels and Kaz while Jericho hits the Judas Effect on Scorpio Sky.

Jungle Boy runs down followed by Luchasaurus who squares up with Jake Hager! Hager backs down and the segment ends.

Match #4: Singles Match
Luchasaurus v The Librarian Peter Avalon

Avalon says he’s going to turn Luchasaurus into motor oil. Him saying that took longer than this match.

Match End: Luchasaurus wins

Match #5: Tag Team Match
Santana & Ortiz v Private Party

This match is a memorial match for Matt Travis who was killed while cycling in New York City. Both teams have major connection to him so this is their tribute to their friend.

Santana & Ortiz hold Marq in a delay suplex for over a minute. They trade holding him up multiple times. Very impressive!

One of my favourite parts of having JR and Tony Schiavone calling matches is when they says something like “I have no idea how he kicked out of that.” because a move like that would put anyone else down.

Nick Jackson stops Santana & Ortiz from using their loaded sock and it leads to Private Party getting the upper hand.

Match End: Private Party beat Santana & Ortiz
After the match Inner Circle members attempt to beat up Private Party and Nick Jackson, but Dustin Rhodes saves the day.

A video of Kenny Omega plays next. He’s lost his marbles (his words). His patch to redemption starts next week against PAC.

Main Event: Singles Match
Darby Allin v Jon Moxley

This should be fun…

They show Darby Allin at a concert getting into a bodybag that says MOX on it and crowd surfing in it. Then he’s carried in the bag to the entrance ramp. Dramatic…

Darby Allin launches himself at Moxley as he gets to the ringside area through the crowd. They brawl in the crowd before the match is made official.

Moxley gets the better of Darby outside then drags him into the ring to get the match officially started. Then he just tosses him around the ring for a commercial break.

After the break Darby starts to gain some momentum. This kids style is “get beat up and then throw my limp body at my opponent”.

“Darby is getting best up like a government mule” – JR. Yes!

Darby brings the bodybag into the ring. Get hit, then stuffed into the bag by Moxley. After a few stomps the ref frees Darby from the bag.

Moxley captures Darby in a rear naked choke as a counter to the Coffin Drop. Cool.

Match End: Jon Moxley pins Darby Allin after hitting the Paragdim Shift from the top rope.
You’ll see that move online a few times after this.

The show ends with Jon Moxley talking to the camera.