Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 11/13/2019

The first show for AEW after the Full Gear PPV. AEW Champion Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara challenge SCU for the AEW Tag Team Championships.

The show begins with an in-depth recap of Full Gear ending with MJF betraying Cody.

After a rundown of the event tonight they show a recap of the Jon Moxley/Kenny Omega fight. Kenny Omega is shown getting his medical check and failing it. He asks how Moxley was and they tell him he passed his medical.

Match #1: Singles Match
Jon Moxley v Michael Nakazawa

Nakazawa is avenging his friend Kenny Omega here apparently.

Moxley doesnt waste any time with this one and ends up hitting the Paradigm Shift for the pin.

Match End: Jon Moxley wins

After the match Jon Moxley grabs a microphone and asks if that match counts on his record. Says he respects Omega because he “had the balls to do what no one in the back has the balls to do, and that get in the ring with me.”. He issues an open challenge to AEW.

Match #2: Tag Team Match
The Dark Order v Jurassic Express

Marko Stunt was given the Dino mask a get weeks ago by Luchasaurus. Sadly he doesn’t wear it during the match. Doesn’t need it, he’s so over.

The Dark Order focus on beating up on little Marko Stunt most of this match. Literally picking him up and throwing him around like a toy.

Jungle Boy gets the hot tag and the match gets put of hand in a hurry. Eventually Dark Order isolate Marko Stunt to hit their finisher.

Match End: Dark Order beat Jurassic Express

After the match Uno offers Marko Stunt a spot in his creepers but Jurassic Express turn them down and get a beating for it.

Then the most over guy in the company comes out to save Jurassic Express…LUCHASAURUS!

He takes out all of the creepers on his way to the ring, then inside the ring he hits a massive chokeslam on Grayson then a standing moonsault! He’s back!!

Match #3: Triple Threat Match
“The Chairman” Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard v “The Librarian” Peter Avalon v Darby Allin

Darby Allin is uses his momentum offensive moves to better Shawn Spears but gets caught on the top rope going after Avalon.

Joey Janella runs down and starts to fight with Spears. They brawl away from the ring and into the crowd.

Darby takes advantage and hits the Coffin Drop on Avalon then pins him for the win.

Match End: Darby Allin pins Peter Avalon for the win

After the match Darby grabs a microphone and accepts Jon Moxley’s open challenge!

Match #4: Singles Match
Nyla Rose v Dani Jordan

This isn’t going to be a fun night for Dani Jordan…

Match End: Nyla Rose destroys Dani Jordan

Ali is interviewed by Tony Schiavone, but the interview is interrupted by Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes. Kong takes out Ali and then her and Brandi snip off some of her hair extensions to keep as a trophy? Sure.

Le Champion Chris Jericho arrives and heads to the ring to tells us all how good he is. He wants a thank you from everyone in AEW. He calls Cody an millenial and then the lights go out and Cody’s entrance begins but instead of Cody its MJF. The crowd is nuclear!

MJF is in the ring with a microphone and he’s going to let you know why he did what he did. Calls Cody a liar, a user, and a sociopath. Says he’s the new face of AEW and how he’s better than Cody.

The MJF turns to Chris Jericho and says he heard it from a little birdy that he wanted to join the Inner Circle. MJF says he heard that Jericho wanted him to join. They go back and forth here. They both agree that Cody is the biggest jackass in AEW.

That brings out Cody, and he rushes the ring to attack MJF. Just as he’s getting the upper hand, a guy they call Warlord (not that one from the 90’s, that would be awesome) takes out Cody and hangs him with his own tie. Woah.

This whole segment has been red hot amazing promo work between Jericho and MJF. Just so damn good. Please search it out and enjoy it…amazing stuff.

Match #5: Singles Match
“The Bastard” PAC v “Hangman” Adam Page

As JR says, this could be a main event any other show. He’s right.

PAC starts this match with some high flying moves, but Adam Page counters with with some “Cowboy Shit”. 3 minutes in and this has been a heck of a match.

PAC stomps on Page’s head at least 10 times in a row, then his the Black Arrow, and then slaps on The Brutalizer.

Match End: The referee calls for the bell because Adam Page isn’t responding. PAC wins.
Match of the night right here…possibly of the week.

Backstage the Young Bucks are bawling with Santana & Ortiz. The brawl lasts through the split screen commercial break and eventually makes it to ringside and is broken up as the commercial break ends.

Right as the break ends the Young Bucks take out security and are then beaten with a sock full of baseballs by Santana & Ortiz.

Santana & Ortiz slam Matt Jackson through the stage just like they did to the Rock n Roll Express.

Brandon Cuttler tries to break it up and gets a beating.

Then Private Party come out an break up the brawl.

Well that was one hell of a backstage brawl.

Main Event: AEW Tag Team Championship Match
SCU(c) w/Christopher Daniels v AEW World Champion Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/Jake Hager

Every week I see Sammy Guevara wrestle the more impressed I get with him.

Jake Hager takes out Kazarian which forces Daniels to try and take out Hager…he doesn’t.

JR calls Hager Swagger before correcting himself but it was still awesome.

What I said about Guevara I can also say about Scorpio Sky.

Match End: Scorpio Sky surprises Jericho with a roll up to retain the AEW Tag Team Championship and becomes the first wrestler to pin Jericho in AEW!

The show ends with Chris Jericho throwing stuff around ringside and slamming a chair on the ring post.