Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW beats NXT in TV ratings

The television numbers are in from Wednesday’s head to head showdown between Dynamite and NXT.

AEW had 957,000 viewers to NXT’s 750,000 viewers.

Now, this might mean something to the real hardcore fans who obsess over ratings, but to you and I– the segment of fans who are just excited to see the AEW “upstart” bunch doing well– the numbers don’t really matter. The place it does matter is with the advertisers and if this trend continues, the WWE has an issue with their once great “fall back” show run by HHH.

There is something to be said for the WWE network’s existence and wrestling fans that are good with watching a show like Dynamite live and then watching the “tape delay” of the NXT shows. I don’t pretend to know how much of that would or is effecting the ratings of a show like NXT, or if they are able to include that within these ratings.

It will be an interesting watch to see if AEW continues to gain steam in the wake of some of their more note worthy shows and the coverage continues. It will also be interesting to see what if anything the NXT brand does to try and right the shift in ratings/if they are worried about the numbers here.

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