Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Full Gear

The first PPV of the AEW on TNT era and the card is stacked with every championship on the line. I’m ready to be entertained.

The opening hype video is doing exactly what it’s designed to do, hype me up.

The strange looks great tonight! No chandelier lights, just LED screens and an old school ramp that extends all the way to the ring. Awesome!

We start off with the pride of AEW the Tag Team Division.

Match #1: Tag Team Match
The Young Bucks v Santana & Ortiz

The Rock n Roll Express are at ringside. I really hope they don’t get involved in this match. No need for this match.

Some great tag team match antics are showcased here quickly. Missed tags behind the refs back, dirty double team antics, and some sizzling tags.

During the match Nick Jackson hurts his right leg and it becomes the story of the match. He can’t be an effective partner. Of course he turns it around with adrenaline near the end of the match. Fantastic tag team wrestling.

Match End: Santana & Ortiz pin the Young Bucks after hitting The Street Sweeper. What a match!

After the match fellow Inner Circle member Sammy Guevara walks down the ramp to celebrate with Proud & Powerful as they continue to beat up on The Young Bucks. Of course on cue The Rock n Roll Express get into the ring and hit some moves huge moves including a middle rope tope suiceda! Wow!

Match #2: Singles Match
“The Bastard” PAC v “Hangman” Adam Page

Both of these men have something to prove here in AEW. PAC is always looking for more respect, and Adam Page is trying to get back into the fold after losing the AEW Championship match to Jericho.

This has been one of those hard hitting back and forth matches both of these guys are known for. The big moves mean more because they don’t come every second like some matches.

“Spines are getting destroyed in this match” – Jim Ross

Match End: Adam Page pins PAC after blocking a low blow and hitting The Dead Eye.

Match #3: Singles Match
“The Chairman” Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard v “The Bad Boy” Joey Janella

Spears comes to the ring wearing a shirt that says “No More Garbage Wrestling” which is supposed to be a slight at a former promotion of Janella apparently.

I really like that Janella is having matches that aren’t designed to kill him now. Leave those for special occasions. I mean he does do some hard bumps, but it’s not flipping off ladders into tables on the floor.

I’ve never seen this before. Joey Janella gets his hair tied to the corner with the tag team rope. Right after he frees himself Spears puts him in a very good Sharpshooter (also known at the Canadian secret weapon).

Tully Blanchard helps Spears hit Janella with a piledriver on the outside. Then Spears rolls Joey into the ring and hits his finish.

Match End: Shawn Spears beats Joey Janella.

Match #4: AEW Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Private Party v The Lucha Brothers v SCU(c)

I’m not a fan of triple threat tag matches, I hope this match can help change my mind..but probably not.

Lucha Brothers are head and shoulders above most teams in the division and don’t need the tag titles to reign supreme.

Private Party have some great skills, but sometimes comes off as soft and slow with their moves which takes me out of enjoying them as much as I should.

SCU have great balance between young and veteran skills combined with charisma.

As usual good ole JR put his stamp on this match calling it “Unpredictably fearless”.

Match End: SCU retain the AEW Tag Team Championships after blocking the tag team finisher of Private Party.

After the match Thr Lucha Brothers attack SCU, but the lights go out and Christopher Daniels dressed as Pentagon Jr. save his SCU brothers. Welcome back!

Match #5: AEW Woman’s Championship Match
Emi Sakura v Riho(c)

This has been billed as a student v teacher match and it should be a fantastic match between two women who know each other very very well. Excalibur says that they have faced each other over 200 times over 13 years. Wow…

Excuse the lack of notes here. I got wrapped up in watching the match. As billed it was so good.

Match End: Riho retains the AEW Woman’s Championship by beating her teacher. Respect is shown by both after the match as is expected.

Hype for the main event is shown. They’re really playing up how much this match means to Cody. The counter point is how the Inner Circle has been one step ahead of them. This is going to be big.

Main Event: AEW World Championship Match
“The American Nightmare” Cody w/MJF v Chris Jericho(c) w/Jake Hager

This match has a 60 minute time limit, and they announce that if it goes a full 60 minutes the contest will be decided by ringside judges. Those judges are Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and The Great Muta.

I’ve literally never heard of this before so we all know where this is heading….

Right off the bell and these guys are taking their time in there. Buckle up for some old school in ring match storytelling. JR and Excalibur are really driving home the fact that there are judges for this match driving home the broadway.

Jericho gets in the face of Dean Malenko and my WCW fanboy heart skipped a beat.

Cody dives over the top onto the ramp and instead of hitting Jericho he lands face first and cuts his eyebrow open. I hope JR says crimson mask in a few minutes.

They’ve now teased a 60 minute match, judges decision, and now a doctor stoppage for this match. I’m loving the smoke and mirrors aspect of this one. Try to predict it now. There’s one finish I’m hoping they wait to do but has been kind of hinted at not on tv but on YouTube. We’ll see…

Jericho has been beating the hell out of Cody in this one but the turning point for a bit was Cody’s mom slapping Jericho when he got too close.

Jake Hager gets caught hitting Cody and gets thrown out of ringside by Aubrey Edwards. MJF runs his mouth and gets taken out by Hager before he’s forced to backstage.

While Edwards is distracted Jericho grabs the AEW Championship Belt and hits Cody with it!

2 Count!

Cody counters the Judas Effect into a Cross Rhodes!

2 count!

The slow burn build of this match is paying off. The crowd is into every step and move now. Clearly I am too judging by the notes.

Bionic Elbow by Cody!! Dusty would be proud!

2 count!

Rebound knee by Cody.

2 count!

Every move is a big move now.

Jericho with vicious whips with his weight belt (both men wore one into the match). Sickening slaps of leather on flesh.

Jericho blocks a top rope Frankensteiner into the Walls of Jericho!

Cody gets to the ropes.

Jericho shoves the ref and get pushed into a 2 count.

Jericho puts Cody into the Liontamer.

MJF throws in a white towel and Aubrey Edwards rings the bell!

Match End: Chris Jericho retains the AEW World Championship via submission.

Cody can never challenge for the AEW Championship ever again and it’s all because of MJF.

The Inner Circle celebrates with Le Champion on the stage as MJF explains his actions to Cody.

Cody begins to forgive MJF but MJF kicks him in the groin and leaves him laying in the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. They’ve been hinting at this turn for about a year now and it finally happened at the worst time for Cody. Perfect!

Great promo video for the Moxley v Omega feud is shown before the match that doesn’t count but will be awesome. Will Moxley live up to his own hardcore hype for once? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they had a classic wrestling match with no spots and no hardcore stuff?

Official Show End…Lights out.

Unsanctioned Match:
Jon Moxley v Kenny Omega

“It’s time for some fucking garbage wrestling.” – Jon Moxley. Make that shirt PWT.

This match went outside and into the crowd in a hurry.

Omega uses a full beer (at the end of the show? What are you waiting for guy in the crowd) and a full trashcan on Moxley. I guess he’s not The Cleaner tonight…

Some WWE fans are in the building and they start chanting “we want tables”. Moxley grabs a barbed wire wrapped bat instead.

3 shots and a stomp with the bat on Omega’s back and Kenny is bleeding from a few new holes on his back.

Omega is trying to counter with wrestling moves, but Moxley is using barbed wire…

Omega rolls out of the ring and sets up a table at ringside then grabs a barbed wire wrapped broom. He hits Moxley in the head with the broom! Then he sweeps the barbed wire broom over Moxleys back. JR is horrified!

Omega then uses both of the barbed wire weapons on Moxley who is now bloody in a few places. They show a woman in the crowd and she looks shocked/horrified/sickened.

Kenny goes under the ring again and pulls out a board full of mouse traps…but he gets slammed onto it by Moxley. “That’s a first for me folks.” – JR

Moxley grabs a couple of big chains and slams Omega onto the pile. Gets a 1 count and looks into the camera with a sickening enjoyment. Moxley is a sick man…as I typed thst he grabbed a screwdriver. Okay now. Thankfully it gets stabbed into the turnbuckle.

Omega hits 3 snap dragon suplexes the wraps the chain around Moxley’s throat and whips him over the top rope…that’s a hanging folks…

Moxley and Omega go through the table that was set up earlier.

Kenny get grabs a bag of…broken glass…and cuts Moxley between two fingers. Then crushes the glass and spills in onto the canvas. Moxley is slammed onto the glass and is then dragged through it. Kenny puts on the Sharpshooter (Canada strikes again) and Moxley has to drag himself through the glass to break the hold.

These guys are hitting moves on the glass and its gross.

Moxley crawls out of the ring on the ramp. Kenny grabs the screwdriver and follows him.

Kenny Omega yells for the Young Bucks and Adam Page to bring something out. They try to reason with him but eventually bring out a giant bed of barbed wire.

Moxley counters Omega and suplexes both of them into the barbed wire bed.

JR is saying what we’re all thinking right now. “how the hell are they going to get them out of there?” Well they did and they two of them continue to hit each other with moves and objects.

Kenny hits the V Trigger and they both break through a stage prop.

Then they fight their way back into the ring.

Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift on the broken glass. 2 count.

Then Moxley cuts half the strings holding the ring canvas and exposes the padding and hood.

Omega counters and hits the Paradigm Shift on the exposed wood. 2 count.

Omega then tries for a flipping splash and misses and slams into the wood. 2 count.

Moxley hits a massive Paradigm Shift! Pin!

Match End: Jon Moxley wins via pin fall.

Sometimes wrestling can be beautiful, and sometimes it can be brutal. This match was the latter.

Hardcore style is literally the hardest style to explain to people who don’t “get” wrestling. Two men intentionally putting the bodies in danger in the most sickening ways possible for the entertainment of the crowd.

Well, that was AEW Full Gear. If you got this far I thank you very much for reading my blow by blow notes for the last two matches. You’re the reason I write these and I’d love to hear some feedback. Leave a comment, or @ me on twitter @LAKUnamatata

Night humanoids!