Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 11/06/2019

The final episode before Full Gear this Saturday.

The show starts with a full rundown of the matches for tonight. The crowd pops for every single one…should be one hell of a crowd tonight.

Match #1: Singles Match
The Bastard PAC v Trent w/Chuck & Orange Cassidy

Interesting seeing Trent in a solo match of this calibre. Looking forward to seeing how he does.

PAC spend this whole match beating up on Trent.

The turning point when Orange Cassidy gets into the ring and stands up to PAC. Orange hits him with some devistating kicks before being kicked out of the ring by PAC. Future match?

After that Trent takes over the match offense.

Trent kicks out of PAC’s Black Arrow! Then PAC slaps on his submission move.

Match End: Trent passes out to the submission and the match is stopped.

The lights go out and out comes Cody, who has a big announcement. Tony Schiavone is in the ring to interview Cody.

The announcement was that if Cody doesn’t win the AEW Championship at Full Gear, he will never challenge for the title again.

The announcement was huge, but the promo surround it was monumental. Please, if you love pro wrestling and didn’t see it search is out online. No recap can do it justice. Amazing.

Match #2: Tag Team Match
The Dark Order v Private Party

The winners of this match will be added to the AEW Tag Team Championship match on Saturday.

AEW Tag Team Champions SCU joins the commentary team for this match. The Lucha Brothers join the Spanish commentary team.

The match has been all Dark Order, but as we know from years of tag team wrestling that just means Private Party will have a comeback late. This isnt a slight because that comeback has been entertaining as hell.

Match End: Private Party win their spot in the AEW Tag Team Championship match at Full Gear.

A video produced by The Inner Circle is shown. And it was VERY tongue and cheek hype for Chris Jericho featuring interviews from Inner Circle members and Soultrain Jones (aka Vincent aka Virgil). It was hilarious and the complete opposite of the promo Cody had earlier.

Match #3: Tag Team Match
Jamie Hayter & Emi Sakura v AEW Woman’s Champion Riho & Shanna

Shanna and Hayter are relatively new compared to Riho and Sakura which makes for a very balanced match here. Sakura and Riho are being entertaining mixed with great moves. Shanna and Jamie Hayter are hitting strong moves.

Jamie Hayter falls victim to the split screen commercial break again. All of her best moves are shown on the small/silent screen.

What a match! Very impressed with Jamie Hayter in this one. Shanna as well. Both have long careers ahead of them.

Match End: Emi Sakura shocks the crowd and pins the AEW Woman’s World Champion Riho only days before their match at Full Gear!

Brandi Rhodes has a ominous video hyping herself and Awesome Kong. Really loving the pretaped videos tonight. Top level production.

Match #4: Singles Match
Brandon Cuttler v “The Chairman” Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard

Hey look, it’s the PWA Commonwealth Champion Shawn Spears! Should out @pwawrestlingca

Brandon Cuttler had some impressive moves here, but it was all Spears in this one.

Match End: Shawn Spears wins via pin.

After the match Tully Blanchard slides a chair into the ring. Joey Janella runs down to the ring to confront Spears. Tully and Spears head backstage instead.

The Kenny Omega v Jon Moxley Lights Out Match is hyoes with a great video. Moxley’s in ring promo is answered by Kenny Omega. Clips from Moxley in CZW are shown. That’s not going to be pretty on Saturday.

Main Event: Tag Team Match
“Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega v Sammy Guevara & AEW World Champion Chris Jericho w/Jake Hager

They cut to commercial before the match begins, and when they cut back we hear Chris Jericho on the mic calling the crowd assholes. Excellent.

What a main event here. Star power all over the match should also have some surprises before the show ends.

Of course this was a great match, how could it not be? Sammy takes the brunt of all the punishment.

Towards the end PAC runs down and kicks Adam Page in the groin while the ref isn’t looking. Jericho takes advantage with the Judas Effect

Match End: Chris Jericho pins Adam Page for the win.

After the match The Inner Circle beat up Adam Page, our run Cody to break it up. Jericho and Hager slowly back away up the ramp, but MJF takes them out with a chair and throws Jericho in the ring with Cody.

Out comes Moxley with a barbed wire bat to take out Kenny Omega. They face off while Jericho and Cody brawl outside the ring. Hager and MJF also bawling.

Omega and Moxley are jumped by Santana & Ortiz which brings out The Young Bucks who brawl with Santana & Otriz up the ramp. It’s The Elite v The Inner Circle on the stage.

The brawl continues as the show ends.