Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW 11/04/2019

The fallout from Crown Jewel, the NXT invasion of SmackDown, and the defection of WWE Champion Brock Lesnar to RAW make for a loaded show.

RAW begins with a a row of SUV’S arriving into the building. Triple H exits one of the vehicles and heads into the building as they play the into video.

After the intro, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he doesn’t waste any time heading to the ring with Paul Heyman. Paul informs us that Brock is here to hunt down Rey Mysterio. Paul also clarifies how this “trade” from SmackDown to RAW works…and it kind of makes sense. Call him big time and go with it.

Tonight is going to be fun watching Brock beating up random people backstage until he finds Mysterio.

Match #1: Tag Team Match
Woman’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors v Charlotte Flair & Natalya

I really enjoy this new team of Charlotte & Natalya. It just makes sense.

Also enjoying the new attitude of the Kabuki Warriors.

Not enjoying the pin drop quiet crowd…decent match too. Shame.

Match End: Natalya forces Asuka to submit using the Sharpshooter. Imagine that sentence 2 years ago..

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman walk out the to commentary desk and confront Jerry Lawler about Rey Mysterio. Dio steps up to Brock and gets an F5 through the table.

Right after Rey Mysterio runs out and clubs Brock in the knee with a metal pipe a few times, then hits him with the hardest object known to man…the WWE Championship Belt.

Backstage Rey Mysterio talks about how he’s coming after what Brock loves the most, the WWE championship, because he came after what he loves most, his son.

Match #2: Singles Match
Buddy Murphy v Cedric Alexander

These two Superstars start the match already in the ring after the Mysterio promo.

Match End: Buddy Murphy wins and the crowd goes mild.

Seth Rollins heads out to the ring wearing all black. He says it’s been a long couple of months against Bray. He’s more sick that Bray took the Universal Championship to SmackDown instead of him defending it against everyone on RAW. He also has no idea what he’s going to do now…

Then Triple H’s music hits…

HHH goes over how Seth and him have crossed paths a lot every time Seth has a crossroads moment. NXT, shield, authority, and Universal Championship.
Seth brings up the NXT attack on a depleted SmackDown. HHH hypes it, then recruits Rollins.

The Undisputed Era walk out to ringside as HHH says “You’re either with me, or against me”.

Before he can answer The OC come out and The Undisputed Era retreat.

Damian Priest and Dominik Dijak jump The OC from behind and then Undisputed Era join in. More of the RAW locker room run out and the brawl is broken up. Commentary focuses on how no one attacked Seth Rollins.

Backstage Seth Rollins confronts HHH about being called out. He demands a NXT Championship match against Adam Cole tonight! HHH accepts! Woah!

Match #3: Mixed Tag Team Match
Andrade & Zelina Vega v Sin Cara & Carolina

Drink everytime they say “longstanding rivalry”

King tries to hype Sun Cara as a championship contender…nice try Jerry…

Match End: Andrade & Zelina Vega win

Recap of the awful Rusev/Lana/Lashley. angle. Rusev calls out Bobby Lashley. Lana and Lashley come out but Bobby is using crutches. Says he’s not medically cleared. He tore his groin…”performing” with Lana…

This just keeps getting worse and worse. Like a car crash its hard not to watch.

They recruited Drew McIntyre to fight for Bobby tonight.

Match #4: Singles Match
Rusev v Drew McIntyre

These two trade shots back and forth all match like a heavyweight boxing match.

Match End: Bobby Lashley attacks Rusev with his crutch to end the match. Drew McIntyre just walks away. Rusev gets the upper hand…then RKO outta nowhere! Ricochet runs down to help Rusev.

Looks like Team Flair and Team Hogan are still a thing…with Survivor Series coming up…ugh

The Man Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage. The interview is interrupted by NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Bazsler. She wanted to warn Becky that she’s going to pin or force her to submit at Survivor Series. Becky tells her that war with her will change Shayna.

They announce that there will be a massive triple threat match.
Raw Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch v NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Bazsler v SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley
Wow! Sign me up for that match.

The OC come out and say they don’t give a damn about NXT. Street Profits come out with Humberto Carrillo and make fun of The OC…poorly

Match #5: 6-man Tag Team Match
The OC v The Street Profits & Humberto Carrillo

Street Profits promos = Thumbs Down
Street Profits in ring = Thumbs Up

Humberto Carrillo being strapped to the rocket ship push = Not sure yet….

The OC = Too Sweeeet

Match End: AJ Styles pins Humberto with a dirty pin to win.

Match #6: Tag Team Match
RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders v Enhancement Talent Nobodies

Another week where the Champs get squash match

Match End: Vikings win

Main Event: NXT Championship Match
Seth Rollins v Adam Cole(c) w/ Triple H

What a week for Adam Cole. Defends the NXT Championship against Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

I’m going to sit back and enjoy this match until the end.

Match End: The Undisputed Era attack Seth Rollins.

This leads to a huge RAW v NXT brawl to end the show.