Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 11/01/2019

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown should be very interesting due to a good number of talent and staff being “stuck” in Saudi Arabia after the Crown Jewel event.

Right off the bat we have some changes. Tom Phillips, Rene Young, and Aiden English are on commentary.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman of course kick off the show tonight. Paul let’s us know that Brock is pissed off tonight, eventhough he best Cain Velasquez yesterday.

The entire match between Velasquez and Lesnar is shown. Oh boy it’s going to be this kind of show isn’t it?

Next they show Rey Mysterio beating the hell out of Brock Lesnar with a chair. Paul informs us that Rey Mysterio can’t wrestle Brock Lesnar because of the RAW and SmackDown exclusive contracts. So Brock is going to RAW this Monday.

I guess that’s a good way to put the WWE Championship on RAW since Bray Wyatt won the Universal Championship but is a SmackDown property.

Brock and Paul are shown backstage leaving the building…then the camera pans over to see Triple H and Shawn Michaels watching them leave…

Match #1: SmackDown Woman’s Championship Match
Nikki Cross v Bayley(c) w/Sasha Banks

Heel Bayley looks like she’s going to cry…

Nikki Cross is showing why people shouldn’t under rate here.

Sasha Banks gets involved to save Bayley, but the distraction doesn’t work, but eventually Sasha pushes Nikki off of the top rope.

Match End: Bayley pins Nikki after a face smash to retain the SmackDown Woman’s Championship.

After the match NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Baszler runs in and takes out Sasha Banks then hits a running knee on Bayley! The crowd chants NXT NXT NXT the whole time Shayna beats up Bayley. Then she just walks away from ringside leaving Bayley, Sasha, and Nikki laying. Very cool surprise.

Pat McAfee takes over for Aiden English on commentary. He’s wearing jorts and no sleeves.

Sami Zayn is backstage talking about how if any other NXT talent are here they should watch out. As he says that Keith Lee and Matt Riddle walk up. Of course Sami Zayn changes his tune and tries to high tail it out of the building, but they follow him.

Sami runs to the ring followed by Lee and Riddle. Zayn tries to punch Riddle which ends up with Riddle and Lee hitting their finishers on him. Man, Keith Lee is awesome.

An extended clip of Fury vs Strowman is shown. Looked like a garbage match.

Miz TV: Miz was supposed to interview The Fiend Bray Wyatt but because of the travel stuff he’s going to interview…himself?

Instead of an interview with Bray, Miz shows a hilight package of the match between Rollins and Wyatt.

Then Miz brings up NXT being in the building tonight. Says he can’t wait to see what happens next. Then Tommaso Ciampa’s music hits and out he come to the ring. He’s here to give The Miz a reality check. Words are exchanged and Miz challenges Ciampa to a match!

Match #2: Singles Match
The Miz v Tommaso Ciampa

Can Miz hang with Ciampa? Rene keeps talking up The Miz and Pat keeps talking up NXT. this has been a good dynamic tonight.

This has been a decent match all said. Miz might take crap about being too safe of a worker, but it might be the best style for Ciampa coming off his injuries.

Match End: Tommaso Ciampa pins The Miz on SmackDown! The NXT invasion of SmackDown has been a statement tonight.

Daniel Bryan walks backstage and runs into Triple H & Shawn Michaels. He challenges Triple H to a match! HHH didn’t bring his gear, but Adam Cole did…Daniel Bryan wants it to be for the NXT Championship. HHH agrees. The crowd goes nuts!

Match #3: Tag Team Match
Fire & Desire v Carmella & Dana Brooke

Carmella doesn’t come out and the camera cuts backstage to see Bianca Belair attacking Carmella & Dana.

Cut to the ring and Rhea Ripley’s music hits!

Match #3: Tag Team Match
Fire & Desire v Rhea Ripley & Tegan Knox

Tegan throws (kinda) Sonya Deville over the announcers table and Rene gets kicked in the face. Says she has a bloody nose. Brutal.

Match End: Rhea Ripley forces Mandy Rose to submit to continue the NXT domination of SmackDown.

After the break we see Triple H and Shawn Michaels being introduced to ringside. Then Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and she heads out with a microphone. She hyped the Woman’s Revolution and the first Woman’s match in Saudi Arabia. They show a clip.

Main Event: NXT Championship Match
Daniel Bryan v Adam Cole (c) w/NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong

For the record, the NXT head official is the referee for this match that has the boss at ringside. Nothing fishy happening at all tonight…

This is quite the main event. Kind of surreal seeing Adam Cole in a WWE ring instead of a NXT (or ROH/NJPW) ring. I’m loving this.

This match has been everything you wanted it to be. Multiple commercial breaks kind of suck, but they’re getting the time to work a story here. So damn good!

I’m going to admit right now. This match got me completely invested. What a damn match!

Match End: Adam Cole hits Daniel Bryan with all of his signature moves and pin him to retain the NXT Championship!

After the match nearly the entire NXT roster fills the ring. Triple H grabs a mic and warns WWE that NXT has fired the first shot for the Survivor Series match. What a way to end SmackDown.

WWE really does have the ability to come through in the clutch sometimes and tonight was definitely one of these times. Shout out to Pat McAfee really made the night better being added to the commentary team. Felt like a fan at times which kind of worked, hard to explain but it worked.