Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 10/30/2019

The finals for the AEW Tag Team Championship happens tonight between The Lucha Brothers and S.C.U. in the main event.

The show starts with Tony Schiavone picking up Cody at the airport for the AEW Championship contract signing tonight. Touching moment between Dustin Rhodes and Cody.

After that they show a recap of the end of last weeks show and there was a lot going on:

1. Hangman Adam Page demands a rematch with The Bastard PAC at Full Gear (ppv)

2. Jon Moxley is summoned to Tony Kahn’s (the owner of AEW) office. Tony says the match between Moxley and Omega at Full Gear can’t be sanctioned so it will be a “Lights Out” match. Moxley LOSES HIS MIND and says that what happens to Omega in that match is on Tony’s hands. My goodness this was good.

The show officially starts now.

Match #1: Singles Match
Sammy Guevara v Hangman Adam Page

Excalibur brings up events from the YouTube show “Being The Elite” which might be the first time they’ve mentioned that show as “cannon”. Says there’s drama among The Elite.

The crowd is red hot for this match. Loud “Sammy Sucks” chants. Cheering for every move. Very cool atmosphere to start the show.

Match End: Adam Page hits Sammy with the Buckshot Lariat then pins him for the win.
After the match Hangman grabs a mic and hypes his match match against PAC.

Match #2: Singles Match
Shanna v Hikaru Shida

They spend the first few minutes teaching us via commentary conversations who Shanna is. This should be a good showcase for the talented newcomer for the Woman’s Division.

The start of this match is all Hikaru, and just as Shanna is getting some momentum they cut to commercial (split screen). During the break we see Shanna hitting some great moves. Cool we get to see it at least instead of just not during a break. Shida keeps hitting huge knees on Shanna.

Match End: Hikaru Shida pins Shanna to get the win. This was such a good match.

A video of Brandy Rhodes being very sinister and seeming to summon Awesome Kong to destroy the Woman’s Division maybe? Very cool video that added more questions to her story.

The Rock N Roll Express are introduced to present the AEW Tag Team Championships. They are attacked by Santana & Ortiz and best up the legends with a “loaded” sock and slam one of them through the staging. Finally The Young Bucks come out to help the legends out. Jim Ross is beside himself disgusted at what’s happening. That (as usual) really sold the moment for me.

After the break we are shown the inside of Cody’s limo. Tony Schiavone is shares a memory of Dusty Rhodes and Willie Nelson. Cody’s mom is going to be at the show…foreshadowing…but this is going a little too long for this show. The crowd is getting restless. Make em wait…

Match #3: 6-man Tag Team Match
Alex Reynolds & John Silver & QT Marshall v The Best Friends & Orange Cassidy

Here’s the advertisement for Rick & Morty. Best Friends and Orange are dressed up as Rick & Morty.

The other guys are here for a wrestling match and not for a tv show tie-in. They try their best, but The Best Friends are WAY better than they are.

Orange Cassidy might get the loudest pops in wrestling today. How he doesn’t smile during all his stuff amazes me almost as much as his shirt of a picture of him wearing a shirt with a picture of him wearing a shirt with a picture of him wearing a shirt with a picture of him wearing a shirt with a picture of him wearing a shirt with a picture of him wearing a shirt with a picture of him wearing a shirt with a picture of him wearing a shirt of himself.

Match End: Best Friends & Orange Cassidy win. Hugs for everyone!

Contract Signing for the AEW Championship Match at Full Gear:

Le Champion Chris Jericho is introduced first. He’s wearing a purple jacket with Jack o lanterns on it.

Cody is shown arriving to the building. Making Jericho wait for his entrance. Jericho does a great job at being disgusted but hiding it poorly.

Tony Schiavone does the introductions and relays all the details. This crowd is LOUD for all of this. Very awesome.

Cody signs, then Jericho reads the contract and fakes a table flip. As he reads he does what he does best…talks. He truly is at the top of his game right now. At 48!

Chris Jericho extends his hand to shake Cody’s as he explains how professional they both are. Cody grabs it and talks some smack.

Jericho says he might be needed elsewhere and the screen cuts to Sammy Guevara outside by the limo Cody rode in. Jake Hager is attacking Dustin Rhodes. He dents the car with Dustin’s head! Then he slams Dustin’s arm in the door. Jericho lights a cigar before climbing into an SUV with the rest of his Inner Circle as they cut to the split screen commercial break. The silent portion shows Dustin getting medical attention.

Match #4: 6-man Tag Team Match
Kip Sabian & The Hybrid2 v Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

Before the match a very retro gaming video segment is shown to the theme of the videogame Undertale. Kenny comes out with a mask from Undertale. Very odd and amazing. The Bucks come out as Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter.

When the match starts is complete madness. Spots spots spots spots spots.

Eventually the teams get to their corners for a little while to rest.

Want to show someone who hasn’t watched wrestling a while something that will blow their mind? Show them this match.

Match End: Kenny Omega hits the One Winged Angel to pick up the win for The Elite.

After the match The Young Bucks are attacked by Santana & Otriz posing as fans at ringside.

My goodness this has been a packed show and it’s not even close to being over.

The Librarian Peter Avalon w/The Librarian Leva Bates come out to taunt the crowd, but Jon Moxley walks out and takes Avalon out with his double arm DDT and grabs a mic.

Moxley is still not happy about the match between him and Omega not officially counting. He’s cutting a very anti-establishment promo here and the crowd is loving it!

Main Event: AEW Tag Team Championship Match
The Lucha Brothers v S.C.U.

I’m going to sit back and enjoy this one.

Frankie Kazarian is nearly crippled twice during this match. His mistake on the the second time nearly cost Rey Fenix his neck as well. Those two spots aside, this has been a classic for the biggest prize.

Match End: Scorpio Sky sneaks in a small package pin for the surprise win to be come the NEW AEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! what a shock!

Wow, that was one hell of a show this week! The crowd was red hot the whole show which gave it that needed punch for TV. AEW continues to be must watch. Will it slow down? Maybe, but not this week.